“IT’S LIKE TRACEY EMIN’S BED IN MY HEAD!” howls Johnny Marriott in one of the year’s most curiously compulsive choruses thus far.
Taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Fractured Party Music’ (out 12 March, via Xtra Mile Recordings), “Tracey Emin’s Bed” is the latest single from Colchester upstarts: PET NEEDS.



Inspired by the profound mess of that notorious Turner Prize nominated masterwork, like its namesake “Tracey Emin’s Bed” is a commentary on self-image, public perceptions of appearance and mental health. 
“It came from looking at the nature of art and worth, and comparing this to the mental health and self-image topics in the verses” says Marriott of the track, “the whole song is rife with juxtaposition and contradiction.”
Pausing for thought on notions of ‘selling out’, “Tracey Emin’s Bed” began to take shape when Marriott thought he recognised a renowned punk from his town walking home with an M&S meal for two.
“Turns out it wasn’t him, but the first line of this song was already formed: “I saw you walking home with your Marks and Spencer’s bag. I thought that punks went to Iceland.”” grins Marriott. “It’s quite a ridiculous line when you take time to think about it!”
Taking the song to his brother and lead guitarist George, the pair thrashed out a melody as catchy as its subject matter proved controversial. Throwing-in a riotous rhythm section courtesy of Jack (drums) and Rich (bass), George Marriott adds an admirably avante-garde axe solo. Mixed and mastered by Frank Turner (who also mixed and mastered their forthcoming debut album), the result is a seismic punk record with its vision fixed squarely on the rock club dancefloor.
PET NEEDS were founded in Colchester by brothers George and  Johnny Marriott. Composing a clutch of anti-anthems inspired by the disastrous job interviews, self-destruction and river journeys on inflatable kayaks that have defined their lives, the pair have earned a reputation for idiosyncratic lyrics and an effusive energy. Bringing Jack (drums) and Rich (bass) on board to complete the line up, PET NEEDS have quickly risen through the ranks to share stages with the likes of Muncie Girls, Buzzcocks, Maximo Park, PiL and The Undertones. Impressing audiences at several major festivals, it was their explosive live performance at Camden Rocks that would see them win-over: Frank Turner, who would go on to mix and master their debut album.. 
Like all other bands, PET NEEDS were forced off the road in 2020, but took it as a sign to complete their long awaited debut: ‘Fractured Party Music’. Coruscating the modern malaise with sneers at pretence, musing on artistic ambition versus commercial success, and tales of creativity and failure, ‘Fractured Party Music’ will be a topical blitz upon apathy. Calling on Turner to harness the collision of frenetic energy they have stored up in months bereft of live shows, expect a studio record of electrifying feedback and cynic-stinging lyrics capable of blowing away even the heaviest lockdown hangover.
With a febrile tension that feels like it could erupt at any second, latest single “Tracey Emin’s Bed” is an example of ‘Fractured Party Music’ just as the artist intended. Their debut album is out 12 March 2021.