Daughtry and Tremonti Return to Hard Rock Live To Perform Rescheduled Show Date 2-25-2022 with Special Guest Lyell




Tragedy caused The Daughtry, “Dearly Beloved Tour” to cancel the December 17, 2021 date at The Hard Rock Live Orlando. That show included performances by, Sevendust, Tremonti, and Daughtry. The rescheduled date of February 25, 2022 was added to the tour. The lineup changed as Sevendust was out celebrating the 20th anniversary of their classic album ‘Animosity’ and they  could not make the rescheduled date. Replacing Sevendust on the bill February 25, 2022, was newcomer Lyell. Sevendust did however come back to play Hard Rock Live on December 29, 2021, as they didn’t want to disappoint their Orlando fan base because they could not make the rescheduled date of February 25, 2022. I am thankful they did as that was my first Sevendust show, and they brought the hottest new female band in rock and roll with them, Plush!

The Hard Rock Live Orlando was sold out as Orlando always comes out strong to support hometown mega star Mark Tremonti. There was no seating on the floor level to accommodate more individuals in the audience. Some in attendance were confused and disappointed Sevendust was not performing, but I assume they were just fine once the show started. There were fans only to see Chris Daughtry and didn’t care who was supporting him. Either way everyone was in high spirits for a great show. It was also the day that Florida’s Governor discontinued the mask mandates in the state, and everyone had faces with the look of normalcy. 

Lyell started the evening’s entertainment with a short 30-minute set. They are a high energy, three-piece band that recorded a few singles in 2021. Alyssa Coco proved immediately she is a rock and roll goddess as she moved from one side of the stage to the other, singing and delivering the bands songs in perfect pitch. She projected that she was playful as well as a fierce performer. Alyssa was enticing and she earned the attention of the entire crowd quickly.  She was just mesmerizing! Matt Merritt, and drummer Toussaint Lipton were there purely in support of this rising star. As it turned out, I found I really like Sevendust. But the way everything worked out, Lyell was such a pleasant surprise, and I am so glad they joined the bill!

Yes Lyell, you brought the energy, and we rocked the f**k out!    \m/



Alyssa Coco – Vocals

Matt Merritt – Guitar

Toussaint Lipton – Drums




At 8:45pm, radio personality and host “Supa Dave,” from iHeart Radio’s 101.1, WJRR Orlando, came out on stage to introduce hometown rock superstar, Mark Tremonti. That night was Tremonti’s solo project performing on the heels of the release Marching in Time, released in September of last year.  Mark Tremonti is the lead guitarist of Alter Bridge and formally with the band Creed. As the set started, the crowd was energetic and cheered as the band started the show with two tracks, “Thrown Further” and “If Not for You” from Marching in Time. At the beginning of “If Not for You” Mark stopped playing and singing. He was looking down in the front row of the audience and the band stopped playing. I was at a Stone Temple Pilots show in this very building on New Year’s Eve 2001 and Scott Weiland stopped the show in the same fashion. I expected Mark to start scolding the crowd for bad behavior and endangering others as Weiland did. But he remained silent, so it was evident the situation was much more serious. Paramedics scrambled to aid the woman in distress as the band left the stage. In the sea of bodies, it was impossible to see what was transpiring. Soon the band returned, and the show was on.

The band played three songs from the new album Marching in Time including the title song. They also included a few more from the four other previous Tremonti releases. I have seen Mark Tremonti before, he is an extraordinary guitar player with his own style. The show was high powered and the stage lighting was an exceptionally powerful visual experience for the audience. The set lasted about 50 minutes and the hometown audience cheered continually as the band came to the edge of the stage to bid their goodbye’s.

At one point during the show, Mark Tremonti asked the audience to help him out; “Hey, my kids are here so help me look cool.” Mark, rest assured, there is nothing cooler than a packed house screaming at the top of their lungs while you stand in front of them just tearing up your guitar in the spotlight!



Mark Tremonti – Guitar/Vocals

Ryan Bennett – Drums

Eric Charles “Erock” Friedman – Guitar

Tanner Keegan – Bass





1.)  Thrown Further 

2.)  If Not for You

3.)  My Last Mistake 

4.)  So You’re Afraid 

5.)  Marching in Time 

6.)  The First the Last 

7.)  Another Heart 

8.)  Wish You Well


At 8:55pm, Daughtry started their set with two tracks off the Dearly Beloved album released September 17, 2021. They would go on to play 10 of the albums 14 songs in an energetic performance that audiences expect from this music icon. Daughtry’s career started after placing fifth on American Idol in 2006. Chris’ music and acting career took off and he was an instant star. His debut self-titled album was released that year and reached number one on the Billboard chart in just nine weeks. The album sold over a million copies in the first five weeks.

Chris Daughtry was introduced to America as he performed on televisions in America’s living rooms.  Watching him on American Idol, America fell in love. Chris has an outstanding voice with an incredible vocal range, and he is surrounded on stage with gifted musicians. All of this makes a great show, and the fans at Hard Rock Live were not disappointed. His new album is written from a place of love.

I mentioned above that the tour was rescheduled or postponed after a tragedy. Chris Daughtry’s daughter, Hannah Price died unexpectedly on November 12, 2021, just a week after Chris’ mother passed away. I applaud Chris Daughtry for resuming the Dearly Beloved Tour under these conditions and I pray for Chris and The Daughtry Family for strength to heal.

Chris’ strength alone to perform “Cry For Help” acoustically and not break down is beyond me.  I was in tears listening to the track. As a father myself, I know I wouldn’t have had the strength to resume the tour so soon, or ever.  God bless you and your family Chris!  



Chris Daughtry – Vocals/Guitar

Elvio Fernandes – Keyboards

Brian Craddock – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Brandon Maclin – Drums

Patrick Dahlheimer – Bass

Josh Steely – Guitar



1.)  Desperation 

2.)  World on Fire

3.)  Changes Are Coming 

4.)  No Surprise 

5.)  Dearly Beloved 

6.)  Drum Solo 

7.)  Evil 

8.)  Home   (Acoustic solo) 

9.)  Cry For Help   (Acoustic solo)

10.)  It’s Not Over 

11.)  Heavy Is the Crown 

12.)  The Victim 

13.)  Lioness

14.)  September


15.)  Over You

16.)  Asylum






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