Daughtry brings His Dearly Beloved Tour to Denver Colorado’s Fillmore Auditorium, Monday March 14th, 2022



This past Monday night I made my way to the… wait, what, no snow storm? Yup, we have had warm weather and it was around 60 degrees during the day. My drive was relaxing and easy as I past the venue with a line of people spanning almost two blocks. As I made my way into the venue, there were already a lot of music fans making their way around inside. The Fillmore Auditorium is a really nice venue which holds approximately 3600 people. Upon entering, the venue opens up with large chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, a large floor area and vip seating throughout. The longest line I saw for evening was not to get alcohol, as there are many places through out the venue for that, it was the line at the merch tables, 40 to 50 people deep.

I made my way to the pit in front of the stage only to be told that the band did not want photographers in the pit. Some bands are still following Covid protocols. But, I was told I could work my way around the venue. I was allowed to go up into the vip balcony area which is normally off limits. It was very cool, I was the only photographer there.

Right on time, the first act, Lyell made their way onto the stage with a roar from the crowd. Right from the start a very energetic, Alyssa Coco took to the mic and moved around the stage to their first song, “I’m Somebody Else”, which is on their new EP. This song the tone for the rest of their set. With lyrics that sent a positive message to everyone to believe in their selves, Alyssa’s strong vocals resonated throughout the venue. The band finished up their short but very energetic set with a newly released song called, “Erasers”. The crowd cheered them off with roar and what was to set the tone for the evening.


Lyell are:

Alyssa Coco – Vocals

Matt Merritt – Guitar

Toussaint Lipton – Drums


After a short break, Tremonti made their way to the stage and got settled in. Starting their evening with the song, “Thrown Further” from their latest album, Marching in Time released in 2121. Through out their set the band displayed their powerful talents over and over. Mark Tremonti is also known for his work with the band, Alter Bridge as guitarist and vocals. This added to the energy from their fans that were here in attendance. For the last two songs from their powerful set, Tremonti stepped back in time with, “Another Heart” from the 2015 album, Cauterize. Closing out the set, they finished with, “Wish You Well” from the 2012 album, All I Was, which brought a roar from the crowd. 


Tremonti are:

Mark Tremonti – Guitar/Vocals

Ryan Bennett – Drums

Eric Charles “Erock” Friedman – Guitar

Tanner Keegan – Bass





1.) Thrown Further

2.) If Not for You

3.) My Last Mistake

4.) Let That Be Us

5.) Marching in Time

6.) The First the Last

7.) Another Heart

8.) Wish You Well


The break between bands was a little longer but when the lights went down, a large well lit sign above the drummer illuminated. Little by little the green letters flashed until they were fully lit spelling out the words, “Dearly Beloved”. As each member made their way on stage, the crowd cheered but when Daughtry made his was out to the front of the stage, a roaring cheer from his fans filled the venue. The evening started with the song, “Desperation” from their newest album, 2121’s Dearly Beloved and the house was rocking. The stage was lit up red throughout the first song and changed to clear lights for the second and green for the third. Throughout the night, different colors would dance across the stage. After the second song, Daughtry took to the mic and said, “hello Denver”! He talked to the crowd a bit about the last couple of years and said, “changes are coming”, and with that the band broke into the song, “Changes Are Coming” from their latest album. As the evening moved on, there were times when Daughtry would stop and ask the crowd, “how are all ya doing”? Again with a positive tone he talked about not being afraid to reach out when your down. Whether playing a song or talking with the crowd, all ears were toward the stage. About half way through their set, the band left the stage and Daughtry picked up his acoustic guitar. He talk a bit about being out and about, at the store or were ever, and people would recognize him. He asked the lights be turned down and that the crowd could pull out their cell phones to light up the stage. He then played a song that he said a fan loved, the song is called, “Home” from the 2006 album of the same name.

The night had it’s emotions, and Daughtry dedicated the song, “Heavy is the Crown” to the people of the Ukraine. The power of his vocals just blew me away as I listened. I think it had an effect on everyone there. They finished their set and left the stage. A few moments later they returned to a very powerful response from the crowd. The band finished their evening with the song, “Asylum” from their latest album. Taking their bows, I think their audience rattled the chandeliers a bit with their appreciation of great show.

This was my first time seeing Daughtry, it will not be my last. The power of his vocals and the emotions that were felt throughout the night were off the charts. If you have not seen Daughtry, this is a bucket list show for you to see, you will not be disappointed!


Chris Daughtry – lead vocals/guitar 

Josh Steely –  guitar/backing vocals 

Brian Craddock – rhythm guitar/backing vocals

Elvio Fernandes – keyboards/backing vocals

Brandon Maclin – drums 

Patrick Dahlheimer – Bass 





1.) Desperation

2.) World on Fire

3.) Changes Are Coming

4.) No Surprise

5.) Dearly Beloved

6.) Drum Solo

7.) Evil

8.) Home

9.) Cry For Help

10.) It’s Not Over

11.) Heavy Is the Crown

12.) The Victim

13.) Lioness

14.) September


15.) Over You

16.) Asylum




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