Dave Mathews Band Brings the Party to North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in San Diego, CA – 9/16/2022



Another beautiful September Friday night in San Diego, the weather is perfect, the weekend has started, and Dave Mathews Band is about to take the stage at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre down in Chula Vista. It’s been three years since DMB has been to the San Diego Area and the fans were eager to get their fix. The parking lot was already quite full when I arrived and there was a constant stream of fans meandering towards the venue. No one seemed in a rush, it was just a laid back Southern California evening.  After the heat wave that baked Southern California the previous couple of weeks, the slightly cooler weather was a real treat. 

Originally we were told that photographing the show would be the first two songs from the soundboard area, but when we arrived at the venue, the Live Nation rep told us that had changed. We could now shoot from the pit or from the soundboard or from the back of the GA pit area in front of the stage. The same two song limit still applied but I chose to shoot from the back of the general admission pit area, as the area inside the barricade was very, very tight. It looked as if it would be quite difficult to move around easily and I was carrying a 400mm f/2.8 lens which is very large and quite useless up close. While to two songs seemed to fly by. Then it was time to check in my camera gear and go enjoy the rest of the 19 song show.

The Dave Mathews Band first big album was Under The Table and Dreaming which I bought when it came out in 1994 (really doesn’t seem that long ago) and my favorite song from that album was a track called “Ants Marching”. I was originally turned onto the album and band because it featured John Popper of Blues Traveler (and you can read how I feel about that band here) on the hit song “What Would You Say”. So I was a very happy concert goer when I heard the distinctive beat of “Ants Marching” last night. The rest of the set pulled from the  entire DMB repertoire and everybody in attendance, or at least the folks around me, sang along all night. As I said, another beautiful September Friday night in San Diego.


Dave Mathews – Vocals, Guitar
Tim Reynolds – Guitar
Carter Beauford – Drums
Rashawn Ross – Trumpet
Jeff Coffin – Saxophone 
Buddy Strong – Keyboards


1.  Squirm 
 2.  Where Are You Going 
 3.  Louisiana Bayou 
 4.  Granny 
 5.  Drive In Drive Out 
 6.  Sweet 
 7.  Grey Street 
 8.  Drunken Soldier 
 9.  Madman’s Eyes 
10.  Seek Up 
11.  She 
12.  Fool In The Rain (Led Zeppelin cover)
13.  Ocean And The Butterfly 
14.  You and Me 
15.  What You Are 
16.  Jimi Thing 
17.  Ants Marching 

18.  Pay For What You Get 
19.  Stay (Wasting Time) 




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