Django Jones and the Mystery Men “Rattling Them Bones “at the Samuel Worth Chapel, Sheffield General Cemetery Saturday 28th January 2023





On Saturday 28th January I had the pleasure of attending the sold-out show for Django Jones and The Mystery Men at “The Cemetery Sessions Present”. The show was a fund raiser in Support of The Sheffield General Cemetery Trust. A great local charity that safeguards and maintains Sheffield General Cemetery and its 2 Grade II* listed buildings and green space.

The Samuel Worth Chapel is a great venue, with its late Georgian/Egyptian style architecture set within a mass of gravestones that make an ideal meeting place for the local, Goths, Punks, and Rockers.

Putting the venue aside its time to introduce the band: Django Jones and the Mystery Men describe themselves as:

“a post-punk band from Sheffield, recently bursting onto the live scene with a screeching and energetic sound. With resounding vocals, punching drums, and overdriven guitars, the band’s volatility promises an undeniably relentless experience”.

Tonight’s show was in celebration of their “addictive debut single ‘Bad For You’ a song that channels the chaotic post-punk energy of their live shows, drawing inspiration from The White Stripes, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and The Ramones. It is music written for the restless. “

Band members: Will Tomlinson (Vocals)

Joe O’Grady (Guitar)

Isaac Rodgers (Bass and backing vocals)

Ciara Hurding (Drums)

I arrived at the venue around 7.45, to be greeted by friendly security and staff, the venue was smaller than I expected and very simple in its aesthetics, the white walls making possible some nice cinematic projections when the bands come on stage. The staff and the bands involved had really gone to work making sure that the décor was effective yet modest with candles on window ledges, two guest aliens, a very nice black cat. And a practical yet small stage. The lighting on stage was basic, but worked for the bands.

By around 8pm the crowd had gathered in strength, having a beer, buying band merch, and having a dance to a DJ playing 1970s 1980s alternative music to get people in the mood. The place was getting hot and a bit sweaty by the time the support band came on and people were really in the mood to rock out and have some fun.

The Concrete Cats a punk rock band that played a great set, which went down really well with the fans, they were loud, proud and had great energy for a group whose collective age must have been over 150 years old. It was also nice to see the them enjoying themselves. Songs that stood out were “Seasons Burn” and “Life Goes On”.



Django Jones and the Mystery Men took to the stage around 9.30 and played there way through a blistering set of eight quality songs. The place was buzzing, the atmosphere the band created both visually and sound wise was great, powerful riffs, by Joe O Grady 0n guitar, and Isaac Rodgers on bass, intense vocals, by Will Tomlinson who is great as a front man full of eccentricity, and a stage presence to rival that of Screaming Lord Sutch. Jumping around and making use of available space and interacting well with the fans. Top this off with a wonderfully energetic drummer Ciara Hurding, who can really beat those skins, made for a great night’s entertainment.

The songs that stood out for me were “Bad For You”. This song really showcases Tomlinson’s skills as vocalist, really bringing out his alternative self, and his quirkiness on stage, dancing around like a mad man the crowd love it, and so do I. The guitar and bass riffs are rock-hard, and the drum work outstanding. A great choice for their first single.

I also enjoyed “Animals” Rodgers on bass opens this song with a nice solid riff. O Grady on guitar puts in a great rock and roll groove, the drums are brilliant, and vocally Tomlinson sounds nice and gritty overall the band produce a great wall of sound. This song reminds me of the garage rock bands of the 1960s and early 1970s. its also a fan favourite, and maybe a contender for single number two.

Overall the evening was a great success for the band, a sell out show, new single launch, a great venue, and the band provided a top notch show that entertained there fans and me. I would recommend Django Jones and the Mystery Men to anyone who likes their live shows to be a full on sound and visual experience. They are definitely a must see act for 2023, So get out there and support the band, when they play in your city, or town, you will not be disappointed.




1/ Chippy T

2/ Hot stuff (Donner Summer cover)

3/ Animals

4/ Santos mierdas

5/ Date night at Joey’s

6/ Bad for you

7/ Be my baby (the ronettes cover)

8/ Bunny