DORO, The “Metal Queen,” Discusses A New 40th Anniversary Record And Tour, Acting, Animals, & Boxing 5/27/2022



Doro Pesch, known as the “Metal Queen” and singer for classic metal band Warlock, takes time to talk with Dr. Music about her upcoming album and tour, her 40th anniversary as an artist, her acting career, her love of animals, and her time in the boxing ring.

Doro has released 17 studio records and collaborated with all of the giants of the metal genre. She has received “Legend” awards from both Metal Hammer UK and Metal Hammer Germany in 2013, the Metal Goddess Legend Award in 2016, and in 2018, after headlining the Wacken Festival and playing to 80,000 fans, she was officially inducted into the U.S. Hall Of Heavy Metal History. This page isn’t long enough to list all of the awards and accolades bestowed upon this far Queen Of Metal, but just know that she is royalty and a true icon in the heavy metal community.




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