Elvis Costello Brings the Old and the New to Liverpool UK, Philharmonic Hall – 10/06/22





Elvis Costello makes Liverpool his home once again tonight as part of his uk tour with the imposters. This is certainly a set of performances to be part of before he ventures back to the rest of Europe for more shows over the next month.

It’s Prime time for a musician; a warm Friday evening and there’s a busyness about Liverpool today. Heading towards The Philharmonic Hall tonight, I’m not travelling alone. People are making their way to the same place to experience the same memorable night as I am. I’m already feeling the energy that I hope continues, a community of enthusiastic fans absolutely make a night what it turns out to be. 

Everyone is greeted by a congregation of people anxious to kick off the night and get started with this momentous evening. 

The atmosphere that had already made its way to the main hall found its way through the corridors too as I headed towards tonight’s stage. I can’t say that I’ve been in the Philharmonics’ audience before but it is certainly a grand setting for yet another musician that I am eager to watch for the first time. All ages carried on piling into their seats counting down the time they had left to wait.

First to hit the stage tonight is Ian Prowse who received an especially warm and avid response. His music set off the audience and set the hall up with spirited listeners. The first song of the night was ‘Diego’ a tune fresh from Ian’s latest album. With a slower pace and little instrumentals, he eased into his set with a raw and powerful performance. His time on stage continued to lift spirits  with impressive stagings across the band. Solos throughout the set brought well deserved attention to everyone on stage. The pianist’s especially brought fire to the stage, his keyboard rocking back and forth as everyone on stage and in the audience remained fixated on him.



Ian Prowse – vocals, guitar

Johnny Barlow – bass, lead guitar

Tony Kiley – drums, percussion

Kevin Spurgeon – keyboards

Eimear McGeowan – flute

Fiona McConnell – flute

Laura McKinlay – violin

Anastasia Risnes – violin

Dave Mastrocola – bass





1.) Diego

2.) Fireworks  (Pele song)

3.) Home (Amsterdam song)

4.) Does This Train Stop On Merseyside?  (Amsterdam song)

5.) Name & Number  (Pele song)

6.) Takin’ On The World  (Amsterdam song)



I am certainly used to the roof raising atmosphere of Liverpools underground basements yet tonight is completely different. It may not be the bouncing audience I usually encounter but tonight’s hall gives off something special. A sense of community is in the air. Everyone is holding the same unbeatable readyness for tonight’s act and it’s about to be let out in cheers of joy.

As Elvis walked on stage alongside the Imposters he was not let down with an overbearing ovation. From the get go, the audience shouted for louder vocals, they clearly couldn’t get enough of his voice. These technical set backs made for a couple of tense songs with grumbles among viewers yet Elvis knew exactly how to keep control of the night. Everyone went wild as his voice was finally raised through the auditorium and he owned the stage once more with pride. As he carried on the night with so many fan favourites, he certainly put on a show for everybody watching. His brand new song ‘tipsy woman’ brought the classic energy of a gig back to the hall with the audience repeating back his lyrics to him, a feeling that I’m sure can’t be beaten.

As everyone left the theatre it was clear on their faces that Elvis had put on a show that completely lived up to its hype. The hustle and bustle buzzed out of the front doors and I imagine Elvis felt the same leaving the stage. 



Elvis Costello – Vocals/Guitar

Steve Nieve – Keyboards

Pete Thomas – Drums

Davey Faragher – Bass/Backing Vocals





1.) Surrender to the Rhythm   (Brinsley Schwarz song) (with Rusty)

2.) Truth Drug (Nick Lowe cover)

3.) Green Shirt   (Elvis Costello & The Attractions cover)

4.) Either Side of the Same Town

5.) Hetty O’Hara Confidential   (Elvis Costello song)

6.) The Death of Magic Thinking

7.) Watching the Detectives / Invisible Lady

8.) Beyond Belief   (Elvis Costello & The Attractions cover)

9.) The Difference

10.) Big Stars Have Tumbled

11.) Farewell, OK

12.) The Boy Named If

13.) Let Me Roll It   (Wings cover)

14.) Tipsy Woman

15.) Penelope Halfpenny

16.) What if I Can’t Give You Anything but Love?

17.) Shipbuilding    (Elvis Costello & The Attractions cover)   (Featuring additional lyrics from Oliver’s Army.)

18.) A Good Year for the Roses    (George Jones cover)

19.) The Comedians   (Elvis Costello & The Attractions cover)

20.) (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea     (Elvis Costello & The Attractions cover)

22.) Magnificent Hurt

23.) Pump It Up  (Elvis Costello song)

24.) (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding    (Brinsley Schwarz cover)

25.) Mr. and Mrs. Hush

26.) I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down   (Sam & Dave cover)

27.) We Are All Cowards Now  (Elvis Costello song)

28.) Alison  (Elvis Costello song)

29.) Mr. Crescent