Geoff Tate takes his fans back to the 80s at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado 9-30-21



Geoff Tate takes his fans back to the 80s at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Thirty-four years ago I bought my first Queensrÿche album, the album was “Rage for Order”.  Tonight at the Black Sheep,  I saw my favorite Queensrÿche albums performed live. The two-hour concert is the celebration of Queensrÿche’s most commercially successful albums. Geoff Tate performed “Rage for Order” (1986) and the chart-topping “Empire” (1990) live.

Kurt Deimer the multi-versed musician, actor, and filmmaker kicked off the hard rock metal evening. On lead guitar for Deimer is current Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X. Deimer. This gave the packed crowd a blistering set of originals. They started the night with the song “Back to School,”  followed by their popular cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar,” a legendary cover that is getting plenty of hits on music streaming services. The band followed with a song“(My Lord) Whatcha Say,” dedicated to all the health care workers fighting the pandemic. The popular “Burn Together”, an original duet with Kurt and Geoff Tate, adding Phil X singing Geoff’s part was next. The night ended with the song, “Naïve”. A great warm-up to former Queensrÿche lead singer Geoff Tate by singing two of his popular albums.


Kurt Deimer with Phil X

Kurt Deimer – Vocals

Phil X– Lead Guitar

Michale Vassos – Guitar

Cristian Sturba – Bass

AnthonyBiuso – Drum




1.) Back to School

2.) Only Time

3.) Have a Cigar

4.) Doom

5.) Big Toe

6.) (My Lord) Whatcha Say

7.) Burn Together

8.) Naive



After a brief set change, Geoff Tate took his fans back to the 80s. The band came out to the screaming cheers from his fans. Geoff is still the charismatic lead singer with a jaw-dropping four-octave range. Tonight, Tate was dress in a black sequin suit with a dark magenta pattern shirt. The lead singer I saw tonight wasn’t the heavy metal god I saw with Queensrÿche. Tate has transformed himself into a heavy metal wizard who transports the fans back to the late 80s with his four-octave vocals.

Geoff and his band started with the first track from Rage, “Walk In The Shadows.” “Walk In The Shadows” is more in the spirit of their previous album, The Warning. The reports of the demise of Geoff Tate’s screaming vocals are greatly exaggerated. Tate hit almost all the very high notes from every Rage for Order song tonight. Geoff followed with a brief dialogue thanking the audience and welcoming him and his band back to Colorado Springs.

The AOR hit “Gonna Get Close to You,” and Tate’s soaring vocals on “The Killing Words” were the highlights from Rage. Plus, the straight-up metal track, “Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion),” and the melancholy ballad, “London.” Tate ended the Rage set with “I Will Remember.” The ballad that was the foundation to “Silent Lucidity” played in the next set. I was thrilled to see Tate and his band performed Rage for Order as close to the original as possible.

After a brief intermission, Geoff and his band came back with the Empire set.  Everyone was singing and screaming along to every word from the Empire set. The Empire setlist allows Tate to lower his vocal range on almost all the tracks. The audience was treated to an outstanding saxophone performance from Tate during the NWOBHM-ish “The Thin Line.” Highlights included the  Headbanger Ball’s hit “Jet City Woman” and the rainy Seattle power ballad, “Another Rainy Night (Without You).” The screaming crowd knew their favorite track was next. Geoff didn’t need to sing. The packed Black Sheep audience knew every word to “Silent Lucidity.”

What’s a metal concert without some moshing during “Hand on Heart.” Immediately, security dragged and detained the inebriated fighters out. The Empire set ended the night with the Journey-ish ballad rocker, “One and Only,” and the epic Pink Floyd-ish, “Anybody Listening?” The band finished the night with “Last Time in Paris” and “Take Hold of the Flame.” Delighted to finally see and hear “Last Time in Paris” played live. The memorable night ended with Queensrÿche signature hit “Take Hold of the Flame.” 

This evening Geoff Tate takes his fans back to the 80s. For fans of early Queensrÿche, this tour could be the only time we will hear Rage for Order played live in its entirety with Geoff Tate’s soaring high vocals. Plus, celebrating Geoff and Queensrÿche’s most successful album Empire, played live.  Geoff Tate’s signature four-octave vocals are not to be missed.


Geoff Tate:

Geoff Tate – Lead Vocals, Sax

Kieran Robertson – Lead Guitar

Alex Hart – Guitar

Jack Ross – Bass

Daniel Laverde – Drums




Rage for Order Set:

1.) Walk in the Shadows

2.) I Dream in Infrared

3.) The Whisper

4.) Gonna Get Close to You

5.) The Killing Words

6.) Surgical Strike

7.) Neue Regel

8.) Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)

9.) London

10.) Screaming in Digital

11.) I Will Remember


Empire Set:

12.) Best I Can

13.) The Thin Line

14.) Jet City Woman

15.) Della Brown

16.) Another Rainy Night (Without You)

17.) Empire

18.) Resistance

19.) Silent Lucidity

20.) Hand on Heart

21.) One and Only

22.) Anybody Listening?


23.) Last Time in Paris

24.) Take Hold of the Flame





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