Gloryhammer to release Return To The Kingdom of Fife June 2 2023


On June 2nd, 2023, Gloryhammer are set to release their fourth full length LP Return To The Kingdom of Fife on Napalm Records.  Gloryhammer is a power metal group hailing from the United Kingdom and the music and subject matter couldn’t be more apropos. Based in mythology and lore of mediaeval times, their blend of metal, storytelling and (maybe a bit of) musical theater quickly engages the listener and has them rooting for the heroic characters in no time.

 Now fronted by Sozos MichealReturn To The Kingdom of Fife continues the ongoing story of the Kingdom of Fife that began back in 2010. Opening with “Incoming Transmission”, an instrumental track, Gloryhammer sets the tone of what is to come. Melodic, yet focused, this track draws the listener in and points them in the right direction for the rest of the adventure.



Up next is “Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost”. This song sets the scene for the adventures yet to come describing the kingdom, castle and it’s people while also letting us know about the most powerful weapon of the land, the hammer.

One of my favorite tracks of the album is “Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol”. This song had me singing along with the chorus the first time though. It starts out whimsical with just keyboards and ramps up into catchy guitar riffs and a driving beat. Oh, and that catchy chorus! Plus, it has a nuclear wasteland, dragons, swords and a blistering guitar solo. Really, what more could you ask for in a song?

Another stand out is “Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde”. How could it not standout with a title like that! It had me rooting for the Goblin Horde the entire time while chanting “Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde” Fun for sure. 

“Vorpal Laserblaster of Pittenween” is by far the fastest song here. Starting out with a blistering lead guitar riff that set the pace for the first half of the song before they slow it down for about 40 seconds only to ramp it back up for the finale.

Following our heroes through their adventures protecting the Kingdom of Fife through upbeat rock n roll and colorful lyrics. If you are into metal and a fan of Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons or just mediaeval fantasy mixed with science fiction in general, this is the band/record for you. Melodic and catchy from the start, this record personifies what metal would have been like in those days of yore if there had been a nuclear war. 


I am going to give this release 8.5 mediaeval wasteland stars out of 10 just because it is so addictive to listen to.



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Track List

1). Incoming Transmission

2). Holy Flaming Hammer of Unholy Cosmic Frost

3). Imperium Dundaxia 

4). Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol

5). Brothers of Crail

6). Fife Eternal

7). Sword Lord of the Goblin Horde

8). Vorpal Laserblaster of Pittenweem

9). Keeper of the Celestial Flame of Abernethy

10). Maleficus Geminus (Colossus Matrix 38B – Ultimate Invocation of the Binary Thaumaturge)





Gloryhammer are

Christopher Bowes (Zargothrax) – keyboards, backing vocals

Ben Turk (Ralathor) – drums

Paul Templing (Ser Proletius) – guitars, backing vocals

James Cartwright (The Hootsman) – bass, backing vocals

Michael Barber (Zargothrax)  – keyboards

Sozos Michael (Angus McFife) – lead vocals




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