Groove Metal Pioneers Prong Arrived In Peru On Their Latin America 2022 Tour On Sunday, October 16, 2022.


This second part of the year is surprising all fans of rock and especially heavy metal here in Peru. The Peruvian production companies have made a great effort to bring some of the bands that have announced tours to South America in the coming weeks and, despite not having important festivals like the ones in Chile, Argentina or Brazil, we will have a concert schedule quite attractive until the end of the year.


This past Sunday, the North American band Prong arrived in Peru for the first time thanks to PMC Shows. Led by the tireless Tommy Víctor, the trio from New York reviewed several of their most emblematic albums in a show full of energy at the well-known Yield Rock in Lima. Prong, founded in 1986, is recognized for being one of the pioneering bands of Groove Metal and for having influenced other artists such as Pantera, Korn and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails). They started their tour of South America in Brazil and then continued through Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Costa Rica, Colombia and at the time of writing this review they are on their way to Mexico.


The show started promptly at 9pm, the lights came on as Griffin McCarthy stood behind his drum kit and bassist Jason Christopher took up a position on the right side of the stage, the first chords of “Test” sounded and Tommy Victor entered the scene with his characteristic smile and then greeted the audience from the middle of the stage, then moved to our left and began to sing while the audience shouted “Prong, Prong, Prong!”. After “Test” would come “Whose Fist Is This Anyway?” Both songs appear on the Cleansing album of 1994, one of the most successful of the band and which reminded us of that tour in which they played with Pantera and Sepultura to promote it. Six songs from the Cleansing album were performed that night, the others being “Cut-Rate”, “Broken Peace”, “Another Worldly Device” and the popular “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”. They also performed songs from the classic albums Beg To Differ, Prove You Wrong and even Zero Days from which they played “However It May End”.


After a short break, the last song of the night would arrive, which was the classic cover of Chrome “Third Rock From The Sun” that appeared for the first time on the EP Third From The Sun of 1989. In total there were 18 songs that, with slight changes in order, the Latin American public enjoyed singing and jumping in front of the attentive gaze of the tireless Tommy Víctor who demonstrated his great charisma and energy in all the scenarios where he and his band appeared.



Tommy Victor – guitars /lead vocals

Jason Christopher – bass /backing vocals

Griffin McCarthy – drums




1) Test

2) Whose Fist Is This Anyway?

3) Disbelief

4) Beg to Differ

5) Lost and Found

6) Unconditional

7) Ultimate Authority

8) Cut-Rate

9) Rude Awakening

10) Broken Peace

11) Cut and Dry

12) Another Worldly Device

13) Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

14) However It May End

15) Revenge…Best Served Cold

16) Close the Door

17) Prove You Wrong

18) Third From the Sun (Chrome cover)




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