Horrorpops hit the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California October 19, 2022



Wednesday, October 19, 2022 brought me to The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California. This venue, originally built in 1907, has a long amazing history documented by a string of live albums recorded there. With it’s beautiful ceilings and ornately carved balconies, the theater itself is as majestic as the music that is created there. This Wednesday night brought us two rockabilly/psychobilly greats, The Delta Bombers and the Horrorpops

The Delta Bombers were up first. Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, The Delta Bombers formed in 2008 and in that 14 year stretch have amasses a strong loyal following. Opening with 2019’s “15 to Life”, both the band and the audience were having the best time from the get go.  As they blasted through their 12 song set, they played songs raging from their first album all the way to their latest tunes. As Chris said on stage, ‘he wasn’t going to talk much so they could get more songs in’. And that they did. With their fat guitar sounds and upright bass, the band had the crowd eating out of their hands the entire set and left us craving more. The Delta Bombers put 100% of themselves into the show and we all knew it. This was the perfect warm up for what was to come.


The Delta Bombers are:

Andrew Himmler – Guitar

Chris Moinichen – acoustic guitar, vocals

Gregorio Garcia – upright bass

PJ Franco – drums



1). 15 to Life
2). Lock the Door
3). Good Disguise
4). Run and Hide
5). Give Em All
6). Hi-Strung Ramble
7). Save Me
8). You Gotta Lose
9). Tin Can Boogie
10). Hit The Floor
11). The Wolf
12). Howlin’ (Ramones cover)

The Horrorpops were up next. I have been wanting to see this band for years and with them not playing from 2011 to 2020 then, a pandemic and then Patricia Day’s cancer diagnosis I thought it may never happen. Well, it happened. They were just as amazing as I would have hoped. With her distinctive vocals and BIG upright bass, Patricia is a force to be reconned with on stage.  Kim Nekroman kept pace with his big Gretsch guitar while Henrik Standahl kept the pace on drums. They played all the songs I have loved over the years starting with “Julia” and continuing on with “Kool Flattop”, “Hit n Run” and “Baby Lou Tattoo”. Every song was amazing and totally worth the wait. Patricia and the boys were on point and looked like they were having a ball the entire set.  Towards the end, they took a short break and came back on with two more songs, “Psychobitches Outta Hell” and “Walk Like A Zombie”. After that, they sent us all packing and waiting for the next time they hit town (hopefully sooner than later).


The Horrorpops are:

Patricia Day – double bass, vocals

Kim Nekroman – semi-acoustic guitar

Henrik “Niedermeier” Stendahl – drums




1). Julia
2). Ghouls
3). Kool Flattop
4). Thelma & Louise
5). Hit ‘N’ Run
6). Girl in a Cage
7). Dotted With Hearts
8). Baby Lou Tattoo
9). Trapped
10). S.O.B.
11). Undefeated
12). Private Hall of Shame
13). Everything’s Everything
14). MissTake
15). Missfit
16). Psychobitches Outta Hell
17). Walk Like a Zombie


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