Grove Street – ‘The Path To Righteousness’ & SiM – ‘PLAYDEAD’ out now



Grove Street

The Path To Righteousness


29 September 2023




Southampton hardcore/thrash quintet, GROVE STREET, have released their debut album, The Path To Righteousness, out now through UNFD.

Heralding the new album releasing The Path To Righteousness‘ title track, the band showcased their influences and hard-hitting themes driving their debut full length.

“The Path to Righteousness represents and explores escapism & the importance of having outlets or vices to help forget about the struggles of life, and the paradoxical irony of how escaping every day life improves every day life,” says guitarist Sandy.

While drummer, Josh, adds, “the track itself came together pretty organically in the practice room. I remember listening to Suicidal Tendencies and Power Trip at the time and wanted to capture a hybrid of groove and fast thrashy vibes. We wanted the last section to build and then finish strong and heavy. The repetitive vocal hook was added last minute in the studio, but it fast became my favourite part!” 

Of the album, Sandy shares, “we’ve worked on this record for a long time; it was a labour of love, from its inception to the DIY approach we took with the recording and mixing. This being our debut full length, we knew we wanted to level up on every front, which led us to be meticulous with every detail on every part of every song. We couldn’t justify rushing it for the sake of feeding the machine. We’re extremely proud of it. Every track taps into a different part of what Grove Street is.”




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27 September 2023




Japanese reggae punx SiM have unleashed their new album PLAYDEAD out now via UNFD. In celebration of the album release, the band has also shared the official music video for UNDER THE TREE (Full Length Ver.)” as featured on the immensely popular anime series ‘Attack On Titan’. When asked about the track, vocalist MAH commented:

This is the full version of “UNDER THE TREE” which was produced as the theme song for Part 1 of the final season’s last chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’“The Rumbling” depicts the screams of the main character, Eren Yeager. The song expresses the terror of the Titans and utter despair. The story of the anime also starts with the annihilation of the world, so the timing of the work couldn’t have been better synchronized. 

While bearing in mind that this is the “prequel” to the final version, I felt the need to sing about the torment of the other main protagonist (and it’s no exaggeration to say this), Mikasa Ackerman. In contrast to “The Rumbling”“UNDER THE TREE” starts with the dark and heavy piano. Then Mikasa begins singing quietly as if lost, expressing her evident frustration. She tries to talk to Eren and tries chasing him, but he slips away, and she tries to find any way of holding him closer. Then she’s hit by a realization, and she vows to keep waiting “under that tree”. 

As this is just Part 1 of the anime, I decided only to sing up to this point. While creating the full version, I carefully considered whether to mention the conclusion of the narrative. But I wouldn’t dare. Once you watch the whole story, listen to the song again, and re-read the lyrics, only then will everything become apparent. That’s what this is about.




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