Guillotine A. D. releases “Born to Fall” on June 24 2022



Hailing from Athens Georgia, Guillotine A. D. is set to release their sophomoric album entitled “Born to  Fall” on M-Theory Audio.  Driven by such influences as Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Crowbar, Eyehategod, the Scandinavian black metal of Mayhem and early Enslaved, Guillotine A. D. pumps out these 8 tracks in true death metal fashion. I know what you are thinking. Only 8 tracks? Well, considering the average track length is over 6 min and the longest one approaching 9 minutes, this is a full on album.

“Vultures of Paradise” smacks you right out of the gate with grinding guitars and drums before the vocals hit almost 40 seconds later. While this track isn’t very fast at first, it’s powerful. The speed comes later in the song only to slow it down again to let the vocals shine. 

The second track is also the second single off the album. “Exile”, again starts off slower then explodes into a fury of guitar, drums and vocals. Then it slows it back down again into an almost hypnotic, instrumental section only to explode once again. They repeat this formula for the rest of the track and it works remarkably well in this 5 1/2 minute opus.



My standout track is actually the first single off the album. “Hammer” is a look into the burning of witches. Adam Miller told me “The song is about burning witches from the perspective of a deranged inquisitor. We were trying to tell a brutal story from a different perspective. We think of it as a prequel to “Am I Evil.” Similar to Slayer in telling a narrative from a particular point of view. We wanted to tell the story from a different angle than usual. the satanic/anti-Christian angle is a little overdone so we thought it would be interesting to bring a different perspective”. And what a perspective it is! Musically and lyrically, this is a truly epic track that every fan of death metal should check out. It may even help some people open their minds to looking at things with a different perspective. 



 Overall, I think this is a powerful album that shouldn’t be overlooked. Guillotine A. D. are three very talented musicians that are going to go far in the world of metal. Do yourself a favor and jump on this band soon so you can say you were into these guys before all your friends. One day they will be huge and you can say “Dude, I have been into these guys forever”.


9/10 stars

(just don’t play it for your mom, unless she’s into it as well).



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Guillotine A. D. is:

Adam Miller – Bass/Vocals

Lance Miller – Guitar

Evan Posey – Drums




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