Hypersona Hits The Beach In Sebastian Inlet at Earl’s Hideaway Lounge December 12, 2020



All Music Magazine once again sent correspondent/editor Mark Horan of MarkHoran.Pictures LLC out to cover Central Florida’s best bands. This night’s excursion on Saturday, December 12, 2020 was to a venue along the Indian River located in Sebastian Inlet along the east coast of Florida, Earl’s Hideaway Lounge. Hypersona was set to take the stage at 8:30pm, rain or shine.

The rain had cease to exist an hour or so earlier, but the air was thick and heavy. Hypersona was on stage at 8:30pm and drummer Eric Frates was belting out a Journey cover that cut through the night like a knife. Hypersona is a three piece band that covers a wide setlist that would be welcome at any party. From Journey, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Cinderella, and even some Country artists. Eric at one point even threatened that they were even going to cover some Miley Cyrus, but he soon debunked that notion to the delight of the crowd.

Earl’s Hideaway Lounge, is an outdoor venue with the stage wrapped on two sides in bamboo, a river front view of The Indian River, sand floors, and an amazing tiki bar. The sound and lighting are always exceptional and so is their choice of entertainment. In the six years that I have been going to Earl’s, I have never experienced a bad show. I don’t know, it might be the salt air or the beach atmosphere? Either way, it’s always a fun party that you wish would never end.

Hypersona, is an extremely tight band that you would swear have been together for years, but that’s just not the case. All three current members can sing, as they trade off singing the lead vocals. Naturally, the harmonies are also spot on! The thing that blew me away was when the bass player Sam Bittenbender and guitar player Steve Savage switched roles at one point. Sam took this time on lead guitar to showcase his talents by just rippin Eddie Van Halen leads from the departed stars arsenol. It was truly remarkable and highly entertaining. This diverse band, with vocals as sweet as honey from front man and drummer Eric Frates is one of Central Florida’s most talented cover bands and should be included in everyone’s night out party plans!


Eric Frates – Drums/Vocals

Steve Savage – Guitar/Vocals/Bass

Sam Bittenbender – Bass/Vocals/Guitar








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