REVIEW Skates and Wagons debut Extended player “#EP”






Every once in a while, here at Zodiac Strasse, something rather special drops into the inbox for my perusal and this week’s top choice would have to be the debut EP release by Oxford multi-talented duo Skates and Wagons. Released on White Label Records their infinitely enjoyable 20 minuet EP consists of four weighty tracks that really should tick all the boxes for those who have a taste for the glory days of full fat anthemic 70’s song smithery.

First off, this is a deeply layered and extraordinarily well curated collection of lovingly produced numbers that really do take the listener way back (if they are inclined, I guess) to the glorious era of mullets and flares but without any of the annoying overt pastichery or gimmickry that afflicts some who tread this rich and emotionally rewarding path. No peacocks are Skates and Wagons. Just good ole boys sold on the seventies. Period. The fact that this debut EP consists of tunes that took the best part of a whopping 10 years to make it to product stage definitely goes some way to explaining how so much goodness can be found on this record. It is full and I mean loaded with ideas. Let’s face it 10 years would just about cover the entire career and output of The Beatles so you can set the bar fairly high here for “#EP” and hope that there is a lot of meat to be found in the Skates and Wagon’s sandwich and thankfully that’s certainly the case.



Throughout “#EP” there are an evocative and eclectic smorgasbord of influences to be identified all jostling for oxygen as they keep you properly alert searching for the faint ripples of a dozen heroes of old. And they are all there. CSNY, The Beatles, Winwood and Traffic, Peter Gabriel (when he was as mad as a box of frogs), Nilsson, Slade (oh yes indeed) and even Smokie! One thing is beyond doubt the lads in Skate and Wagons are expert crate diggers and know their stuff when it comes to classic 70’s vibes. OK so enough analysis already… and the verdict? …..”High five, great success, I like very much”.

And as a good news bonus postscript ….. Skates and Wagon’s decade of procrastination has accrued a goodly sack full of as yet unreleased compositions too that are planned for a debut LP outing next year. Now that’s a mouth watering prospect.






SKATES AND WAGON ARE : Adrian Dacre (Drums) and Carlton Taylor (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion)



1. Just Because You Can (Doesn’t Mean That You Should) – 3:51

2. Spin My Wheels – 4:46

3. Tender (Is The Night) – 6:52

4. Law As I Am True – 6:28