Introducing Alt-Pop Singer Songwriter RoZe | Shares Her Debut Single ‘Hollow’








22 year old songstress RoZe shares her delicately raw debut single ‘Hollow’ via FAE, stream here. The track comes alongside a sensitive music video, depicting RoZe’s troubled upbringing, directed by Charlene Jones, watch here.

Laced with a rich piano hook set against the hypnotic sounds of RoZe’s spine tingling vocals, the singer-songwriter’s debut single is an open book into the life she once lived. Complete with harmonic echos, orchestral harps and string sections, ‘Hollow’ is an incredibly poignant first single, but one that most certainly won’t go under the radar.

*The following descriptions contain content related to abuse, which may be triggering for some readers. If you or someone you know is struggling with abuse, please check the description below for important resources and helpline numbers.

On her first single, RoZe says, “I wrote this song about how it felt growing up with an abusive dad and in a toxic household. I wrote it right after I ran away from home to always have something to listen to when I forget how empty and rejected I felt. I want to create awareness around “abuse” (mostly childhood focused) and comfort others who are/have been in a similar situation.”

Directed by Charlene Jones, the accompanying music video captures the juxtaposition of how RoZe’s situation appeared from the outside world, compared to the harsh internal reality. RoZe is posing for a picture and smiling with her father in the opening shot, creating a perceived image of happiness and normality. As she starts to sing, the cracks in the relationship start to appear and the interchange quickly shifts from one of innocence to one of discomfort, with her father’s mannerisms becoming increasingly aggressive. “No one ever knew what was really going on inside my house,” she explains. “It’s about how something can look brighter from the outside than it actually is on the inside. For others it always looked like I was the happy positive kid but I was dying on the inside.”. 



Music has always served a deeper purpose in 22-year-old singer-songwriter RoZe’s life. The Amsterdam-born artist began pursuing a career in music when she was just 14, sharing her moving covers online while making London her creative base and second home. Fast forward to 2024, and millions of listeners have since discovered RoZe’s enchanting renditions of hit songs through social media – now eager to hear music in her own words for the first time. “Most of my songs are about going from darkness to light,” she explains. “I just want people to see that light.”

Boasting the crisp, radio-ready vocals of pop artists like Lorde, Sigrid and Tate McRae, RoZe artfully balances candid moments of introspection with a youthful playfulness – a talent that comes easy to an artist who wrote music as the antidote to her tumultuous home life. RoZe will often quite literally dream up her songs as she’s falling asleep, when her unconscious mind will reveal lyrics steeped in her truest feelings. 

As RoZe prepares for the world to hear her true voice for the first time, it’s also a time for closure. “I’m very excited to close this chapter and help others,” she says. “If the listeners relate to a song or if my voice touches them, then I’ve reached my biggest goal. I just want to help people and heal the world.”

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