From a searing, widescreen landscape emerges Danko: a group of outlaws brandishing a deadly arsenal of blistering guitars, stabbing horns, churning organs, and a pioneering spirit as epic and audacious as the sound they collectively produce. It’s Falkirk, Jimmy, but not as we know it.

Here in the heartland of Scotland, the four-piece are forging an electrifying fusion of Americana rock ‘n’ roll and soulful country blues that vividly constructs a panoramic wall of exuberant sound that is entirely their own, yet one built for all to enjoy.

That intent is palpable in the Memphis stomp of forthcoming single ‘Rattlesnake’, released on October 1st via Distiller RecordsOffering up an exhilarating exhibit of the sonic inspiration drawn from forebears such as Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats, The War On Drugs, Dawes, and Delta Spirit. “With Rattlesnake we were trying to capture the old school, feel good, rock n roll sound we all love,” singer/guitarist Lewis white explains further, “that feeling of leaving work on a Friday and being free!”



But as rousing as they are on record, the true power of Danko can more forcibly be felt in their incendiary stage performances.

“That’s what we’re all about,” says Lewis, as he explains the intensity of their loud, live shows. “I write songs for the day-to-day folk just working the 9 to 5s. I do it, so I know it’s fucking grim. I love going to a show and just forgetting about all that – forgetting about politics, forgetting about all the rest of it for an hour, two hours, and just enjoying it.” 






My life is a soundtrack, i track my life through music, photography is my passion, my escape, my expression. Without both i have pieces missing, thankfully i'm blessed and get to combine both. Born in Manchester, lived in Australia for 22 years where i was heavily involved in the Australian Music Industry, firstly in bands (Singer) and then managing bands (all original), I moved back to the UK, Wales specifically 10 years ago and married my childhood sweetheart and life is good.