Iron Maiden Returns to Tampa, Florida with The Legacy of the Beast Tour at The Amalie Arena on October 27, 2022



The traffic along the way to the Amalie Arena was congested and it appeared everyone in Tampa, Florida was on their way to see Iron Maiden‘s return after a five year absence. The weather was mild so there was no excuse to miss the “Legacy of The Beast Tour” that happened on Thursday night October 27, 2022.

On the way to the photograph pit for the opening band Within Temptation,  the arena with a capacity of 21,500 was half empty at 7:30pm which seen weird. Within Temptation is a Dutch symphonic metal band formed in April 1996. Sharon den Adel , the lead vocalist, definitely was the focal point of the band. Within Temptation has released seven albums with Resist, their newest, being released in 2019. They played three songs from Resist, “The Reckoning,” “Raise Your Banner,” and “Supernova.” The set was eight songs long and Within Temptation got the crowd warmed up as the fans filed into the venue.



Sharon den Adel – Lead Vocals

Jeroen van Veen – Bass 

Martijn Spierenburg – Keyboards

Ruud Jolie – Lead Guitar 

Mike Coolen – Drums 

Stefan Helleblad – Rhythm Guitar 




1.) The Reckoning

2.) Paradise (What About Us?)

3.) Raise Your Banner

4.) Stand My Ground

5.) In the Middle of the Night

6.) Supernova

7.) Don’t Pray for Me

8.) Mother Earth


When the photographers returned to the floor of the arena to make their way to the pit for Iron Maiden, the atmosphere in the venue had transformed into a mad house. The floor was full with general admission fans, and every seat with a view of the stage was occupied. 21,500 is capacity, but I’m willing to bet that number was far exceeded.

This was the night of the return of Iron Maiden, the mega metal band from East London. Iron maiden has performed over 2500 live shows, they have released over 40 albums, and their catalog has sold over 200 million copies worldwide! This was a huge night, and the audience was ready to let it all hang out.

From the opening song, “Transylvania,” is off the first album Iron Maiden which was released 42 years ago. Iron Maiden was pulling out all the stops and immediately introduced the bands mascot “Eddie.” Eddie has appeared on almost every album and singles covers, videos and merchandise. “Eddie” is a samurai giant that stands easily nine feet tall with glowing red eyes, who walks around the stage with ease. After a solo buy the dynamic lead guitar player Janick Gers, lead singer Bruce Dickinson went right into “Doctor Doctor” (UFO song) before even taking a breath. The show was impeccably produced as only a band with as many shows under their belt as Iron Maiden.

All of the bands top hits were played, and nobody present left disappointed. The stage show included indoor fireworks, pyrotechnics, large incredible figures on the backdrop, and Bruce Dickinson even welding a flame thrower from the upper deck at the back of the stage during “Flight of Icarus.” During “Fear of the Dark,” Janick Gers and Steve Harris started jumping in unison and the audience took the key and the whole floor started to jump with them. The crowd was game to take any cue from the stage and take it to the limit.  At the beginning of “Blood Brothers” off the 2000 release Brave New World, Dickinson told the fans to raise their hands and everyone in the arena obeyed. They then told them to wave them back and forth and the crowd did it in unison, it was one of the most incredible things I have witnessed at an indoor concert. Over 21,500 people with their hands in the air waving them back and forth as the band played. It was truly a spectacle.

The rock show covered 18 songs which included two encores. If you were present, and came to the show not a huge fan of Iron Maiden, you absolutely left a huge fan of the band at the end. This was one of the best and entertaining shows I have ever attended. I look forward to seeing Iron maiden again if they decide to keep the show on the road. Rumor has it, Nicko McBrain is the drummer in the band. He was visable as he took his position behind the kit, then disappeared never to be seen again to the end of the show. He appeared in front of the crowd to share a drumhead, two drum sticks, and his sweat bands with the lucky fans.



Steve Harris – Bass, Backing Vocals, Keyboards 

Dave Murray – Guitars

Adrian Smith – Guitars – Backing Vocals –  Keyboards 

Bruce Dickinson – Lead Vocals – Piano 

Nicko McBrain – Drums 

Janick Gers – Guitars 

Touring musicians

Michael Kenney – Keyboards 




1.) Transylvania

2.) Doctor Doctor (UFO song)

3.) Senjutsu

4.) Stratego

5.) The Writing on the Wall

6.) Revelations

7.) Blood Brothers

8.) Sign of the Cross

9.) Flight of Icarus

10.) Fear of the Dark

11.) Hallowed Be Thy Name

12.) The Number of the Beast

13.) Iron Maiden


14.) The Trooper

15.) The Clansman

16.) Run to the Hills

Encore 2:

17.) Churchill’s Speech

18.) Aces High

19.) Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python song)





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