Native Sons bring the “Danger” to Bowies in Nashville, Tennessee 10-28-22


Friday night in downtown Nashville was abuzz with people decked out in their Halloween costumes. As I made my way down Broadway and over to Bowies, I passed some great costumes:  Yoda, Britney Spears, Buzz Lightyear, Catwoman, a few Elvises, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  As I approached Bowies, I saw a large congregation of KISS costumes and I learned that they had an earlier KISS tribute day (wish I had been there too!).

I was there to see the much-talked-about Native Sons perform.  Native Sons is a hard rock band from Louisville, Kentucky.  Their first album, The Natives Are Restless was released in 2019.  Two singles from their upcoming album Shadow Head (“Drama” and “Red Leather Woman”) were released earlier this year and the album will officially be released in January of 2023.

Native Sons hit the stage with tons of energy opening with their first live performance of their new song “Danger”! Singer, Ashton Blake reminds me of a young Ozzy Osbourne in appearance and stage presence. Guitarists Victor Adriel and JT Shea keep the energy high on stage with their fast-moving fingers and hair-flinging sounds. Truman Fleming brings the band together with his hard-hitting bass, and Grady Steel on drums keeps the band in line with his impeccable timing. The chemistry with the band members is palpable as they interact with each other in a way that says they’ve been playing together for years. The two guitarists even reach over each other to strum each other’s guitars.  

For rock fans young and old, this is the band to see!  They marry the old-time rock riffs with young and fresh sounds. Native sons is playing at the renowned “Whisky A Go Go” in Los Angeles on January 20th and is booking into 2023 now. Keep an eye out for a show in your city soon!


Native Sons is:
Ashton Blake: Vocals
Victor Adriel: Guitar
JT Shea: Guitar
Truman Fleming: Bass
Grady Steel: Drums



Native Sons’ Set List:
1. Danger
2. Here and Now
3. Monster
4. Another Day
5. Again Tomorrow
6. Drama
7. One Another
8. Silver Lining
9. The Key
10. I’ve Got Time
11. Let Me Go
12. Shadow Head
13. Had Enough
14. Red Leather Woman
15. Too Late





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