Shot in Bristol, the video is a light hearted take on the frustration of being in a distanced relationship. Having been friends since his time as a student in Bristol, James asked Jessie, who plays the role of lead character Alina Starkov in the forthcoming Netflix series Shadow and Bone to star in the video, with her later taking on the role as director and editor.
Speaking about the experience of creating a video with Jessie, James explains: “I’ve known Jessie since my time as a student in Bristol. She has always said she likes my music and so one night out at the pub I asked her if she would like to feature in the video for my latest single. She said yes and as things turned out she did a lot more than just feature in it. She basically thought up the concept and directed the whole thing. Performing alongside such a talented actor certainly took me out of my comfort zone but I learnt a lot and I’m really proud of what we managed to achieve together. “
‘Three Weeks’ is James Humphrys’ exploration of the vulnerabilities exposed by the UK lockdowns. The track finds him opening up about his struggle with the distance and loneliness we’ve all been subjected to over the past year, but with his now familiar upbeat and positivity fuelled take.
“Let’s be real, lockdown has been bloody tough for us all – particularly those living far away from loved ones. For me, much of the time I tried not to think about how rubbish it felt to feel so distant and disconnected, and for the most part I managed fine and tried to focus on the fact that this would not be forever – but ultimately, sometimes those thoughts felt pretty overwhelming. This song is me being honest about the situation.” explains James.
Co-produced and mixed by MAX RAD who he met when supporting his earlier band New Carnival back in March 2017, this new cut displays a growth in both James’s lyricism and his sound. Bouncing, percussive guitar work and a furiously infectious, uplifting beat are a comforting reminder of those sunny festival fields we’re so sorely missing while his open lyrics, “I cannot lie that I feel on my own” offer a sense of sympathy to those who have similarly struggled in these troubled times
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