As the heavens opened and the rain was arriving in biblical proportions, Billy Seagrave headed to O2 Victoria Warehouse to catch Mercury prize winner Jamie T on one of his first concerts in 5 years.

Seeing Jamie T live is a definitely a shared experience. There’s a real sense of we are all in this together; As the massed gathered, that feeling of a real rip up was in the air. The loyal and ever devoted fans, have hustled, and jostled for best position at the sold out O2 Victoria Warehouse. There’s also an edge of pantomime, but a very adult one: The chant of “Jamie. Jamie. Jamie  T” echoes around the packed venue. When Jamie Treays made his triumphant live comeback at Glastonbury in June after a five-year absence, he, somewhat misanthropically, thanked a packed John Peel tent by pronouncing that he “couldn’t give a fuck” if anyone comes to see him anymore. “I’d play to an empty room,” he said. “I don’t care.” Not a problem on this tour as the tour is a sell-out.

Opening the proceeding tonight was 86TVS. They are a newly formed band. A four piece, three brothers, Hugh, Felix and Will White all of whom are associated with Manchester favourites the Maccabees, plus ex-Stereophonics drummer Jamie Morrison. Their style was classic indie rock, and the opening song was incredible and uplifting: Already making the link with their name, taken from another of Manchester’s favourite bands, I am Kloot, quite simply they had me listening from there.

From the off they held and engaged the audience, there was a real chemistry, in the opening song Morrison showcased what an exceptional drummer and performer he is, through out the 30minute set, there was plenty of drum solos, guitar and bass, freely engaging a very enthusiastic crowd, it really is difficult to find fault with the performance, totally setting the mood and the tone for the evening, I really do look forward to watching this band develop. 86TVs are a class act. Get out and catch them live.



As the stage was cleared and prepared for our host, the crowd where really in fine form, more chanting and a real excited buzz was rolling around the venue. The Lights drop and Jamie T takes to the stage alone, acoustic guitar in hand a dimly lit and intimate light covering him as he opens with “Brand new Bass guitar”, every word taken in and returned with volume from the crowd, as the rest of the band swiftly join him on stage, the lights go up and its instantly into “Operation”, and “So lonely was the ballad”. The band are in full flow Jamie is covering the stage, the crowd are electric. The set transitioned back and forth between the first three albums, although, “Dragon Bones”, from his fourth also made a rare appearance. The guitar riffs are exquisite in “Limits Lie”, and the ukulele is given hero status with its melodic riffs on the fabulous, “Spiders web”.

The penultimate song of the set is, “The Mans machine”, which leads into the final song of a triumphant set, as he sings “If you got the money”, the place erupts the arms and vocals are all up ion the air, dance moves a plenty are breaking out everywhere, well if you want a lesson on how to close out a show, here is a master at work. As the band leave the stage the heat and the excitement can be felt in the air, have we just entered the calm before the storm?

Quietly and quickly returning to the stage, let the encore unfold, “Sheila”, brings a mass singalong, not band as the crowd have not missed a word of any offering tonight, we are heading towards the weekend, and the crowd are already loose as “sticks and stones”, is let loose, and the classic line of “Out on the town to find trouble”! Resonates with a crowd who use to live for the weekend.

As the band launch into what will be the last song, the place is still on a high and we are left with one of Jamie’s biggest and best-known hits “Zombie”, this was the last chance for the crowd to try and match the power and passion coming from the stage, it was close, but the band always had the edge.

If tonight is anything to go by, firstly to have the chance and opportunity to see a new band 86TVs emerge and excite the musical juices, then be entertained by an artist that cuts into the soul of so many peoples lives, of love, drugs violence, and great nights, (like tonight) is a triumph, if you are fortunate enough to have tickets for up coming concerts, you are going to have one hell of a night.;




1/ Brand New Bass Guitar

2/ Operation

3/ So Lonely Was The Ballad

4/ 90s Cars

5/ Rabbit Hole

6/ A Million & One New Ways To Die

7/ Don’t You Find

8/ Salvador

9/ Back In The Game

10/ The Old Style Raiders

11/ Limits Lie

12/ Between The Rocks

13/ Spider’s Web

14/ Dragon Bones

15/ The Man’s Machine

16/ If You Got The Money


17/ Sheila

18/ Sticks ‘N’ Stones

19/ Zombie