Janet Gardner (Ex-VIXEN) & Justin James Discuss New Album, Old Times, Touring, And Getting Jazzy 6-20-2023



Janet Gardner and Justin James are a husband and wife team that have been recording together since 2017. And, of course, prior to that Janet was the original lead vocalist for the all-female melodic rock band Vixen, where she sold millions of records, had great chart success, and was a regular on MTV with a number of successful videos. Janet and Justin have just released their fourth full-length record together called No Strings on the Pavement Entertainment label, and they are set to support No Strings and the rest of their music by doing a number of tour dates.

In this interview, Janet and Justin discuss the details of the latest No Strings record. Janet also talks about her current health status after having major brain surgery in 2018, and some of the highlights from her years in Vixen. All of this and more, and we even get treated to a visit from Jazzy!



“I’m Living Free” video:




Janet Gardner & Justin James

Arcada Theatre – St. Charles, IL





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