Just Friends Spread Good Vibes On New Album ‘Gusher’, Out Now Via Pure Noise Records







California’s eclectic funk-rockers JUST FRIENDS have released their hotly-anticipated fourth full-length album, Gusher, with Pure Noise Records. On a mission for feel-good vibes for their ride-or-dies, the band’s latest album is chock-full of incredibly catchy anthems that take listeners on a chill ride through life’s ups-and-downs. 

Previously released singles Life I’m Living InBetter 2 Be Around and JUMP showcase the band’s incredibly diverse sound that incorporates elements of power-pop, punk, funk and hip-hop. The seven-piece finds their infectious groove with a truly unique sound provided by Sam Kless (vocals/guitar/percussion), Brandon Downum (vocals/guitar), Matt Yankovich (guitar), Kevin Prochnow (bass), Avi Dey (trumpet, percussion), Ben Donion (drums) and the inimitable Brianda “Brond” Goyos Leon (vocals).

With Gusher‘s release, the band is highlighting the record’s lead track Zaza In The Sun 🙂.




Commenting on the track, Brond says: “If the feeling of going to the block party with your lover were a song, it’d be Zaza in the Sunshine :-). Smiley face and everything! Zaza is sunshine in a bottle. A good ass skate with your crew in the summer. The sound of friendship, love, and going down the water slide. Holding hands and spinning real fast with your bestie at the festie.
“I had a moment during recording Zaza’ when I realized my childhood dreams had come true! I didn’t get to join the school band growing up because we couldn’t afford instrument rental fees. Looking back, I guess I never let that stop me because I spent every scrap of alone time giving fantasy performances in my head-singing into my hairbrush or an invisible mic. I thought I was playing pretend, but really, I was practicing how to perform. I watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, HSM, Cheetah Girls (the entire series) and Pixel Perfect a billion times each. If you know their songs and you listen to Zaza, you’ll notice there’s a euphoric Disney Rockness to the final chorus. It was listening back to that joyful carelessness, the hands-up-on-the-roller-coaster feelings I get from Zaza, that knocked my dormant younger self awake and she. was. stoked!”JUST FRIENDS will embark on a North American tour later this month alongside YOUNG CULTURESAD PARKSAVE FACE and ODD SWEETHEART.

Stream Gusher here.
Order Gusher here.
01. Zaza In The Sun 🙂
02. Life I’m Living In
03. Brain Hurt Bad
04. Better 2 Be Around
05. Love Bug
06. 5th Dimension
07. Circle Pit of Love
08. Clown on You
09. Cream & Sugar
10. 1-800-Sexy
11. Jump
12. I Miss You, Bitch
13. U & Me
Photo Credit: Cody Furin
Just FriendsJF Crew, or simply JF is a supersonic music group made up of marching band freaks from the Bay Area. From DIY shows at the Dublin, CA laser tag in 2013 to Chicago’s Riot Fest and beyond, JF has been in it for a minute. Touring, dancing, and writing funky-tasty jams that you, your mama, and your little cousin can groove to. With 4 genre-defiant albums and a spectacular live show, these sweethearts are on a mission to spread love, friendship, and the power to be yourself, worldwide.
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