SELF DECEPTION Swedish Metallers Release New Single ‘The Scandinavian Dream'



Swedish Metallers Release New Single ‘The Scandinavian Dream

Heavy and pulsating energy – that’s what we get on Self Deception’s new single “The Scandinavian Dream” – a completely logical follow-up to the recent “Fight Fire With Gasoline”. If you love high-octane rock music, you won’t be disappointed. During the European summer, the band hit the road and expanded their ever-growing audience. The reception was amazing to witness.

In a world where a few dictate how life should be lived and feed on the voices of the less empowered, Self Deception strikes back with “The Scandinavian Dream.” The song shatters the illusions of those who sit on their moral high horses and look down on others. A powerful reminder that no pedestal is too high to withstand the collective strength of those determined to break free from oppressive norms.
Self Deception continues to push the boundaries with their distinctive blend of high-pulse rock. They are constantly gaining new fans and cementing their place as one of the most exciting and influential bands of our time. With “The Scandinavian Dream” they prove once again that they are not afraid to challenge conventions and inspire their audience to embrace their unique identities.
Self Deception is an explosive rock band known for their provocative lyrics and mesmerizing live performances based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a unique sound that mixes punk, rock and metal, the band continues to captivate audiences all over the world. The latest album “You Are Only As Sick As Your Secrets” including hit singles “Fight Fire With Gasoline”, “PSYCHO” and “Stockholm Hearts” are out now. The new single “The Scandinavian Dream” is the next chapter in the continuous metal saga.
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