Kaosphere – Gold Coast Metallers Release War Cry. New Album, In Scars We Trust, Coming May 3



Gold Coast Metallers Release War Cry
New Album, In Scars We Trust, Coming May 3



After finally releasing their long awaited new single, Chain Breakerin December last year, Gold Coast metal titans Kaosphere believe there has been sufficient recovery time, to release their next slab of brutality, War Cry.

Charging out of your speakers from the get go, War Cry is a tribute to indigenous warriors through to modern soldiers. The power of the primal spirit of war, with all its terrible consequences. Bubbling up from the violent subconscious depths of humanity – fear, courage, social responsibility…all the many facets of man in wartime.

The band comment “The experience of the man in the trenches being no different than our ancestors facing there enemy with shaking spear and axes rattling against shields. In every country at some time, every race has had to scream this. Remember Us! War Cry is a tribute to all families, especially our own, whose members had to serve in the armed forces during times of war, suffering terrible hardship and pain. Lest we forget” 



Chain Breaker and War Cry have set the scene for the bands forthcoming album 
In Scars We Trust, due for release on May 3 via XMusic

One the album the band add “Once bitten, twice shy. In a world where trust is short,our harshest experiences are our greatest teachers. In Scars We Trust represents the things in life which have knocked us down yet made us stronger. Struggles that mould and shape us, the dark things in our past as well as the good which comes as a result. This album is for all the mistakes that leave a scar and help us grow into better people, damaged perhaps, yet grown through adversity.

Pre Orders for In Scars We Trust are available HERE



Since bursting onto the Gold Coast scene in 2015 and debuting with their EP ‘Forsaking Shadows’ two years later, Kaosphere have sailed a steady course through the murky waters of Australian metal. Their self-titled follow up in 2018 acted as the pre-curser to a successful national tour, with EP single “All Is Lost” recently topping 175,000 streams on Spotify and climbing steadily.  Not bad for an independent band who have not yet fully developed into the formidable force so obviously seeking to be unleashed. In 2023 Kaosphere drew new sonic battle lines, hitting the live circuit and supporting international rock outfit The Midnight Devils as well as securing a coveted spot at Wallapalooza 2023, headlined by COG, Babybeard, Butterfingers and 28 Days.

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