Lords of Acid Invade The Great American Music Hall San Francisco California on June 6, 2024


The Lords of Acid invaded San Francisco, California on May 6, 2024. Praga Khan and Devora were also part of the tour. It was an amazing night at the Great American Music Hall, and the venue was packed early and the crowd was hyped for the big event.

Devora hit the stage like a woman on a mission. Leading the night with the prowess of a battle-hardened avenger, her band, although new, delivered a dominant performance. Kicking off with “Dancing with the Devil,” Devora captivated the audience throughout the set. With the band playing their songs, they maintained their powerful presence, led by Devora who not only sang but also played the guitar, pouring her heart into every moment of its performance. Starting with “Dancing with the Devil”, Devora rocked her way through the set. Playing her songs, the band held their own during the set rattling on with the lead. The lead singer, Devora, rocked the stage as she played her guitar and sang her heart out. 


Follow Devora band members:

Devora – guitar, vocals

Aaron Michael Brown – guitar

Steven Sanzione – drums



Praga Khan’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. A true master of his craft, he captivated the audience alongside his band members Inja and Oliver as they delivered a high-octane, impeccably choreographed set. The crowd was swept up in the raw energy as the band powered through their repertoire, belting out hits like “Love”, “Power of the Flower” and “Luv You Still”. The set climaxed with an electrifying rendition of “Mortal Kombat Techno Syndrome”, leaving the audience in awe.


Follow Praga Khan band members:

Praga Khan – synthesizers, vocals

Inja Van Gastel – synthesizers

Oliver Adams – drums



The band Lords of Acid put on a highly anticipated and electrifying performance. They kicked off their set with “Sexbomb,” causing the crowd to erupt with excitement. As the night went on, Gigi progressively shed her clothing, starting with her top and eventually revealing a G-string under her booty shorts. With exhilarating tracks like “Spank My Booty,” “Rubber Doll,” and “I Sit on Acid,” the band took their performance to another level. After a two-song encore, Lords of Acid wrapped up their set, leaving the audience clamoring for more.


Follow Lord of Acid band members:

Praga Khan – keyboards, programming, backing vocals

Galen Waling – drums

DieTrich Thrall – bass

Gigi Ricci – vocals

Creighton Emrick – guitars




1.Sex Bomb

2. Scrood Bi U

3. Lover

4. The Most Wonderful Girl

5. Mister Machoman

6. Out Comes the Evil

7. You Belong to Me

8. Spank My Booty

9. (A Treatise on the Practical Methods Whereby One Can) Worship the Lords

10. Rough Sex/Take Control

11. Rubber Doll

12. Voodoo-U

13. Pussy

14. Let’s Get High

15. I Sit on Acid

16. Drink My Honey

17. The Crablouse






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