Lauren Daigle Brings a “Kaleidoscope” of Talent to Rupp Arena on Kaleidoscope Tour in Lexington, Kentucky On June 6, 2024



The crowd filed into Rupp Arena, excited for what they knew would be an amazing show. At exactly 7:00 PM, the lights came up on the opening act, folk singer/songwriter, Ellie Holcomb. Her lilting voice filled the arena and the crowd was receptive to the country-style set. She opened with “I Don’t Want to Miss It,” which was an upbeat song that the crowd loved. Ellie Holcomb’s style is authentic and engaging. The set flowed easily from song to song. The audience was especially receptive to “Where Can I Go- Psalm 139” and “Constellations.” 


Ellie Holcomb:

Ellie Holcomb– Lead Vocals
Jac Thompson– Keys
Grant Parker– Guitar
Jacob Schrodt– Drums
Zandy Mowry– Bass




1.) I Don’t Want to Miss It
2.) Canyon
3.) Bridge
4.) Where Can I Go- Psalms 139
5.) I Will Carry You
6.) Constellations
7.) Sweet Ever After


At about 8:30 PM, the audience is ready for the main event, Lauren Daigle. Known for her poignant lyrics and New Orleans-style flair, the audience was anticipating a night of their lives. To see Lauren live is to know that you are in for a party, and the party she brought to Rupp Arena was no different. She had high energy to start the show with “These Are the Days,” “Waiting,” and “New.” Lauren brings with her a massive band with several backup singers and musicians, who bring so much to her show in their top-notch musicianship.

No matter where you are seated in the arena, the show is always moving and evolving. The stage setup is captivating, and Lauren and her band use every inch of it throughout the entire show. Her set blended well-known tracks like “Look Up Child” and “Hold On To Me,” which had the audience on their feet, with new tracks off her most recent self-titled album Lauren Daigle, like “Kaleidoscope Jesus,” a fun catchy track with a bluesy sound.

On “Rescue,” the crowd was singing along, completely engaged. The show ebbed and flowed into a slower, more intimate moment that Lauren called a traditional Nashville, “writer’s round” moment. Before they moved into these songs, she noticed a sign from the audience at the end of the catwalk asking if she could come up and sing “Salt and Light” with Lauren. This song was not originally on the setlist, but Lauren brought Olivia onstage to sing, a moment she is surely never to forget. It was a beautiful moment, only made more poignant in hearing Olivia tell of losing both of her parents within the last year, and “Salt and Light” was a song played for her mom while she was battling cancer. Then, in a moment of authenticity, Lauren Daigle proceeds to pray for Olivia from the stage, bringing a moment of compassion and realness.

After the writer’s round acoustic style of songs with, “Everything/Do It Again/Good Good Father/Thank God I Do,” Lauren takes the energy up to finish out the show. She starts with “O’ Lord,” a song well known to the audience from her How Can It Be album. “Turbulent Skies” was next, which brought heavy percussion and driving guitars, which brought a rock vibe to the Kaleidoscope Tour. She finished out the night with two of her most popular songs, “Still Rolling Stones,” and the moving and emotional, “You Say.” “You Say” had everyone on their feet, singing with all their hearts, the heartfelt lyrics. It was a night of fun, authenticity, and candidness that people have come to expect from Lauren Daigle.  


Lauren Daigle:

Lauren Daigle– Lead Vocals
Kynadi Lynn– Background Vocals
Blair Whitlow-Background Vocals
Brandon Winbush– Background Vocals
Benny Martinez– Guitarist
Courtney Leonard– Bassist
Grant Pittman– Multi-Instrumentalist
Daniel Sauls– Multi-Instrumentalist
Chaun Horton– Drums
Javier Solis– Drums
Raymond James Mason– Trumpet
Andrew Golden– Trumpet
Jake Botts– Saxophone




1.) These Are the Days
2.) Waiting
3.) New
4.) Look Up Child
5.) Trust in You
6.) He’s Never Gunna Change
7.) Be OK 
8.) Valuable
9.) Hold On to Me
10.) Kaleidoscope Jesus
11.) Rescue
12.) Salvation Mountain
13.) Salt & Light
14.) Inherited
15.) Everything/ Do It Again/ Good Good Father/ Thank God I Do
16.) O’ Lord
17.) Turbulent Skies
18.) Still Rolling Stones
19.) You Say





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