“From Hollywood to Manchester: Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Unforgettable Arena Show” at Manchester AO Arena in Manchester, England On Friday, June 7th, 2024





“From Hollywood to Manchester: Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Unforgettable Arena Show” On Friday, June 7th, 2024,


The Manchester AO Arena welcomed Thirty Seconds to Mars as they took to the stage on their Seasons Tour. Touring in support of their latest album, “It’s the End of the World, But It’s a Beautiful Day,”

Thirty Seconds to Mars, the brainchild of Jared Leto (vocals, guitar,) and Shannon Leto (drums, percussion), has long been a staple of the American rock scene. Formed in 1998, the band has undergone numerous line-up changes, but the Leto brothers have remained its unwavering core.

This was my first encounter with Thirty Seconds to Mars live, and while I’ve enjoyed some of their tracks, I couldn’t claim the badge of a die-hard fan. That perception shifted dramatically by the end of the night. Despite Jared Leto’s Hollywood fame, which I had thought might have inflated the band’s following, the crowd’s loyalty was palpable. One particularly devoted fan, Christina, proudly showcased her tattoo of Jared as the Joker from “Suicide Squad.”

A late arrival due to the infamous Friday night traffic and a hurried pit stop for a beer meant we were rushing to our seats as the arena buzzed with anticipation. We were taken aback when we passed the band on the concourse, about to make their grand entrance. A pulsating 90-second countdown on the screen heightened the excitement, culminating in the band making a dramatic entrance from the side of the arena, high-fiving and hugging fans as “Closer to the Edge” boomed through the PA.

From the moment they hit the stage, Jared Leto’s commanding presence was undeniable. Clad in a flowing parachute robe, he owned the stage, marching and bouncing with an infectious energy. They launched into a barrage of hits, with confetti cannons and pyrotechnics usually reserved for encore finales. The relentless pace kept the audience enthralled, Jared barely pausing for breath as he masterfully engaged the crowd.



Jared Leto – lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, synthesizers 

Shannon Leto – drums, percussion 



Despite his Hollywood status, Jared exuded a humble charm. During “Rescue Me,” he invited a handful of lucky fans to join him on stage—a gesture he repeated with about 30 fans during the final moments of the concert, creating unforgettable memories for those chosen.

The set was a hit parade, with standouts like “Kings and Queens,” “This Is War,” and “City of Angels” resonating powerfully. “The Kill,” arguably their most famous track, was delivered with raw intensity.

Fireworks and bursts of fire punctuated the performance, leaving me wondering if there was any budget left after such a visually spectacular show.

I’ve attended hundreds of gigs over the years, and few have left such an indelible mark as this one. Thirty Seconds to Mars delivered a masterclass in live performance, blending their cinematic flair with rock authenticity. I left the arena not just impressed, but converted—a true fan.



Countdown Intro

Closer to the Edge
(Played whilst the band walked through the arena)

1/ Up in the Air
(extended bridge)

2/ Kings and Queens
(extended intro; 2015 ending)

3/ Walk on Water

4/ Rescue Me
(extended intro; with fans on stage)

5/ Seasons
(acoustic intro; acapella outro)

6/ Hail to the Victor
(with guitar solo by Stevie)

7/ Hurricane
(Monolith Tour version)

8/ This Is War

9/ A Beautiful Lie

10/ Alibi
(until 2nd chorus; sing-a-long outro)

11/ Do or Die
(Debut to appear in acoustic set)

12/ Stay
(Mikky Ekko cover)

13/ City of Angels

14/ Night of the Hunter

15/ From Yesterday
(stripped final chorus)

16/ Attack
(extended intro; extended bridge)


17/ Stuck

18/ The Kill (Bury Me)

19/ Closer to the Edge