Love Music Live Warrington presents – James Walsh (of Starsailor) at Warrington Irish Club Sunday 2nd July 2023






It’s a very special one tonight at Warrington Irish Club, well known now for putting on stellar live music, pulling decent crowds and having legendary performers for these acoustic solo sets. Tonight is one such legend – and around these parts Starsailor are well loved as half of the band hail from Warrington. Again it’s completely sold out and a full house; all seated, laid out in theatre style in rows. This really is a prize venue and brilliant for these stripped back gigs where we witness iconic musicians in their purest form. Always a real buzz in the air here and people do travel from all around the UK to attend these stand out events.

Special guest – Andy Bellis

First set tonight is provided by Andy Bellis, solo artist based in the Wirral, I’ve not yet seen him perform; the beauty of these gigs is you really do discover new treasures. Very cool, wearing a trilby and customised denim jacket, with white acoustic guitar, he does fill this stage with his presence and is instantly likeable A full set, lots of content, very accomplished playing, but it’s the vocal that wows! Such a range, from low, grating tones with a raspiness, to full, loud and real angst ridden sounds; notes are extended and held with brilliance and real ease; very comfortable up there on stage before us. Instant feels are indie then, once Radiohead covers begin, come the more sorrowful and grunge feeling sounds; then during others a slight folk or indie/folk feel.

When the full extent of vocal range is used we get tingles down our spines; it’s haunting, atmospheric and you can literally feel the spectrum of emotions conveyed during each song. A gentle at first, then rousing and meaningful, cover of ‘Hallelujah’ is stand out. The crowd reaction after each song is just incredible; safe to say Andy has gone down super well and has certainly earned some new fans tonight, as afterwards he ‘s inundated with members of the audience wanting selfies and autographs. Very, very well received indeed. an absolutely stunning vocal, genuine interaction and a real set to remember. Honestly, check Andy Bellis out ‘cos this vocal is seriously special.

Set list

1. El matador

2. Cruel woman

3. Nude

4. Goodbye horses

5. Sulk

6. Ghosts in the mirror

7. Hallelujah

8. Sitting right

9. Creep



James Walsh – headline

Suitably ready now for tonight’s iconic and legendary headline, as a crowd we go wild with applause when James quietly appears on stage and launches straight into ‘Good Souls “. Powerfully strumming at his acoustic guitar, the vocal is breath-taking, it’s incredible. The audience are instantly singing along. I’ve seen James before, both as a band with Starsailor and at his solo acoustic sets like tonight, but I’m still blown away by his distinctive and instantly recognizable voice. It’s just like recordings; it’s stunning and a pleasure to listen to. We sit here agape, entirely wrapped up in this captivating performance, the sounds enveloping us. During quieter, slower paced songs you could hear a pin drop as everyone here is so mesmerised by the musical sounds being created .but as a whole there has been massive audience interaction, with clapping and singing…it’s a lovely feel.

As a vocalist, James really does capture moments, feelings, emotion, and easily translates them to song/music; the expression, depth and character in his voice is really something. It’s always enthralling to see James perform, we just get completely lost. With a full set of classics, hits and new Starsailor material all being performed it’s been mesmerising and the time flies by. The people here truly embraced both sets, but, with this headline, it’s easy to see they soaked up every moment. Newer material has a different feel, still recognisable and that real Starsailor stamp on them, but the feel is more optimistic, more upbeat, and less sorrowful than the classic stuff which is filled with suffering, both equal in merit and sound, just different feels

Ending on a huge crowd pleasing sing-along high with ‘Four to the floor’ the set comes to a close, but then. to appreciative applause, whooping and cheers, James returns to the stage for an encore and a further 2 songs: a haunting rendition of Blur’s The Universal’ followed by ‘Silence is easy’. What a set, what a night, what a vocal …yet again I’m completely in awe. A brilliant night of music all round, with 2 utterly stand out vocal powers!

Shout out tonight to Cohen (aged 11), my gig buddy who was helping Andy and Pep with the sound, and did a brilliant job setting up and packing down. It was a pleasure to hang out.



Set list

1. Good souls

2. The way ahead

3. Fever

4. How could it be wrong?

5. Reaching out

6. Way to fall

7. Lullaby

8. Stray cats(from new album)

9. Overdue(from new album)

10. My restless love (from new album)

11. Poor misguided fool

12. The greatest story never told

13. Alcoholic

14. Cherry blossom tree

15. Tell me it’s not over

16. Four to the floor


17. The universal (blur cover)

18. Silence is easy