M3 Rock Festival Day 1 at The Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, Maryland on May 6, 2022



Upon arriving at The Merriweather Post Pavillion for day one of the 13th annual M3 Rock Festival, there was a steady rain and everyone in line had on ponchos or umbrellas. The doors opened a few minutes early letting in the VIP fans first followed by everyone else.  Vip credentials allowed early entry and access to the artist meet and greets which take place throughout the weekend. After passing through security, we headed down the hill towards the stage to check things out and then to pick up our VIP credentials. Once under the covered area of the pavilion, we didn’t need our umbrellas anymore. After socializing with friends that we made at previous M3 festivals, we headed to our seats to get ready for the show. 

Today’s show started at 7:10PM with Count’s 77, featuring Danny Koker of the popular television show Counting Cars. Danny is a musician and avid music fan. So much so, that he has a venue called Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Count’s 77 is a 6-piece band that plays rock and roll with a distinctive 70’s vibe. These guys really look like they are having fun on stage. This was their debut appearance at M3. They played through a short set of 5 original songs ending with Sin City Boogie Man, during which the band played an extended instrumental jam. I was happy that I finally got to see Count’s 77.


Count’s 77

Friday May 6


Count’s 77 is:

Danny “The Count” Koker – Vocals

Stoney Curtis – Lead Guitar

John Zito – Guitar

Barry Barnes – Bass Guitar

Paul Disibio – Drums

Tommy Paris – Keyboards




1.) Riding with the sons of Perdition

2.) We Play Rock n Roll? 

3.) Do You Feel Me 

4.) Summer of ’77

5.) Sin City Boogie Man


Next up was The Master of Disguise, Lizzy Borden. Lizzy always puts on a killer theatrical performance, changing masks and outfits many times throughout the set. Also, this time we get to see him with a new lineup. He had been going through his vetting process and just decided on his final lineup less than 2 weeks ago. During their 6-song set, they played some of their most popular songs along with “Pet Semetery” by The Ramones. Absent from the set was “There Will Be Blood Tonight”, however, during “Me Against the World”, Lizzy got down into the photo pit and brushed blood on the faces of willing participants in the Rock Star VIP front row.


Lizzy Borden

Friday May 6


Lizzy Borden is:

Lizzy Borden – Lead Vocals

Joey Scott – Drums

Colton Seaver – Bass

AC Alexander – Guitar

Brandon Paul – Guitar





1.) My Midnight Things

2.) Master of Disguise 

(Terror on the Town Intro)

3.) American Metal

4.) Pet Semetery (Ramones Cover)

5.) Me Against the World

(Oh Oh Drums)

6.) Long May They Haunt US


Doro Pesch is the front woman from the 1980’s band Warlock and has been releasing music since and touring under the name Doro. She comes blazing out to the center of the stage and commands the fands to raise their horns throughout the show. Doro’ positive energy radiates through her ear to ear smile throughout the show. Tommy Bolan is a madman on stage! Running and jumping from one side of the stage to the other while flinging his guitar over his head. such a showman! They played many of the Warlock classics such as, “I Rule the Ruins:, “East Meets West”, and ending the killer set with “All We Are”.



Friday May 6


Doro is:

Doro Pesch – Lead Vocals

Mitch Stewart- Bass

Johnny Dee – Drums, Backing Vocals

Bill Hudson – Guitars

Tommy Bolan – Guitars, Backing Vocals




1.) I Rule the Ruins (Warlock cover)
2.) Burning the Witches (Warlock cover)
3.) East Meets West (Warlock cover)
4.) Raise Your Fist in the Air
5.) Hell Bound
6.) Revenge
7.) All For Metal
9.) All We Are (Warlock cover)



Friday May 6



The highlight of the night is always local hero’s Kix! Steve Whiteman commands the stage and gets the crowd involved singing the songs and repeating ridiculous chants. Playing a similar set as last weeks show in Virginia, it included all the fan favorites. This band is a well-oiled machine with Mark Schenker on bass, Bob Pare on Guitar and Brian “Damage” Forsythe on guitar. Steve always has the most crowd interaction of any front man I know. Always making the crowd laugh. If you have never attended a Kix show, make sure you have the right reply to him when he says “thank you”. You must reply with a thunderous “You’re Welcome“, also the title of his most recent solo release. He made sure to let us know it was available at the merch booth along side Kix’s Fuse 30 Reblown (Blow My Fuse 30th Anniversary Edition).



Friday May 6


Kix is:

Steve Whiteman – Lead Vocals

Brian “Damage” Forsythe – Guitar

Jimmy Chalfant – Drums

Mark Schenker – Bass

Bob Pare – Guitar





1.) Get It While It’s Hot
2.) No Ring Around Rosie
3.) Midnite Dynamite
4.) Lie Like a Rug
5.) Scarlet Fever
6.) Cold Shower
7.) Girl Money
8.) The Itch
9.) Love Me with Your Top Down
10.) Don’t Close Your Eyes
11.) Cold Blood
12.) Blow My Fuse



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