All Music’s James Woollen caught up with The Band Harri Larkin, For A Quick Chat, At ‘The Get Together’ Sheffield UK 1st May 2022




Harri Larkin were redefined when a Cornish farm girl headed to Sheffield in search of a band for her solo project. It was here that she came together with drummer Danton Laromani and bassist Oscar South.

And Harri Larkin the band were born, this promising new outfit are sure to deliver a show stopping performance with their high energy songs, cleverly combining instant pop hooks with timeless songwriting and infectious riffs. Their original works showcase a desire to write and perform across all genres, pulling inspiration from funk music, jazz, pop, punk,grunge and so much more.

Since first making a splash on the scene in March 2021 Harri Larkin have had 10 tracks from their debut album ‘Beach City’ broadcast on BBC introducing Sheffield landing themselves at #14 in their “Top 50 tracks of the year” countdown.“One of my favourite new bands in the region” – Christian Carlise, BBC Introducing Sheffield & Kerrang Radio 


You Must Be Very Excited To Be Opening This Years Tramlines Festival Main Stage.

We are over the moon to have been chosen as the openers for the main stage. It’s every musicians dream come true! and that’s defiantly not lost on us. We were high for weeks after getting the news. Complete game changer!

What Are You Musical influences

Musical influences at the time of beach city ; Red Hot Chilli Peppers, No Doubt, Jack Johnson, Paramore



Tell Me About Harri Larkin Beach City Album

I (Harri) recorded the album in 2018 before coming to Sheffield and meeting the guys. The whole album is played on acoustic guitar because at the time I played as a solo musician. However in the studio I couldn’t resist writing parts for bass/ drums/ lead guitar and 3 part harmonies. Hearing it played back; I knew Harri Larkin needed to be a full band again. All the lyrical content of the album are little journal / diary entries from my formative years up until that point it was my life’s work so there’s a lot of heart and soul in there and a lot of teenage angst. For instance “Medicine”, “Roma”, “Sugar Rush” and “Far from the end” were written when I was 16 and 17

What Lies Ahead For The Band

What lies ahead ? Everything lies ahead. Music has been our oxygen since we all picked up our respective instruments as little kids, I think that really comes through in our live show. Personally I have been playing under the name Harri Larkin for nearly 12 years and if tramlines isn’t the definition of a big break what is? Finally we have something to hold onto we won’t be letting go! It’s the best feeling in the entire world. It was all worth it