PAVEMENT ENTERTAINMENT CEO And THE OUTFIT’s Mark Nawara Discusses New Album, Plush, Nugent, And More April 17, 2024



Mark Nawara has been an important executive in the music business for more than four decades. In the early 90’s he started Pavement Music as part of BMG, which lasted a little over 7 years before it was dissolved. In 2012, along with partner Tim King, Mark would resurrect Pavement Music as Pavement Entertainment. The company is now one of the premier rock labels in the country and is home to acts like Soil, Plush, Puddle Of Mudd, Candlebox, Ted Nugent, and so many more including THE OUTFIT. Mark just happens to be the drummer for The Outfit, and on April 19, 2024, their third full-length record entitled Go, will be available everywhere on the Pavement Entertainment label.

In this interview, Mark talks about his journey from being a young musician trying to get a deal, to being the label boss on the other side of the desk. He gives us great insight into some of the amazing artists he has worked with in the past and those that are on the current roster for his Pavement Entertainment label. Mark also doubles as the drummer for the classic hard rock act The Outfit. He tells us all about the making of The Outfit’s new album, Go, the all-star production team, and the stories behind some of the songs.



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