Max Cooper – Live 3D/AV at The Quarterhouse, Folkestone, Kent, UK, 6TH APRIL 2023






Max Cooper, fresh from a recent North American tour and a one off show in Lisbon, brought his formidable talents and spectacular live show to the Creative Quarter of Folkestone when he played at The Quarterhouse. The audio-visual artist and electronic pioneer showcased his superbly co-coordinated, multi-sensory tour-de-force to a spellbound audience on the Kent coast as he delivered an unforgettable two hour set.

Event promoters Melting Vinyl pulled off a real coup in securing Cooper’s performance ahead of his engagements in the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Ireland, Belgium and then Bluedot Festival in July. The size and scale of Max Cooper’s live 3D/AV event could easily lend itself to far bigger spaces than the Quarterhouse but it worked just as well in these more intimate surroundings as it would have done in a huge warehouse or festival dance tent.

Ahead of Cooper’s headline set, “Serial Collaborator” and Jon Hopkins protege Cherif Hashizume entertained the select South-East coast audience to a chilled out mix of ambient electronica. The Modular Synthesist, Sound Engineer and producer delivered a 30 minute set that piqued the interest, and sparked the imagination of, the sold out crowd. “Digital explorer” Hashizume’s deft and gentle touch was perfectly balanced to further increase the anticipation for the main event which followed.

Max Cooper took to the Folkestone stage with a minimum of fuss, almost sliding in unannounced and under the radar, quite the opposite of his captivating and thoroughly engaging performance. From the very start of Cooper’s exquisitely crafted and superbly choreographed show the audience were transfixed, both by the commanding visuals and by the electronic wizardry that unfolded before their eyes and ears.



Cooper played a 20 track set that traversed his back catalogue as well as “a few from the next EP”. The imagery alone was sensational, drawing on Cooper’s visual interpretations and collaborations with notable film makers that included Kevin McGloughlin, Martin Krzywinski, Thomas Blanchard, Nick Cobby, Maxime Causeret and Sabine Volkert.

From the mesmeric dance of Louison Valette to accompany the title track of Cooper’s last album – ‘Unspoken Words’, through the vivid textures of 2016’s ‘Waves’ and beyond to the ‘Origins’ of his 2014 EP ‘Kindred’, Max ensured that his audience were completely engrossed for the entire evening. The immersive event was like no other; conceptually brilliant and masterfully realised.

Cooper took us on an audio-visual journey that drew on geometry and mathematics through to form and function, nature and creation. Using a huge screen at the front of the stage, and a smaller one behind him, Cooper created his 3D effects whilst orchestrating his music between the two. From cell division and the very essence of life to industrial machine tools and binary codes, Cooper married up spectacular visuals with a truly sensational soundtrack. Regardless of whether his compositions were reflected by panoramic landscapes or perpetually shape shifting geometric forms, Cooper’s expressive and intelligent use of electronica was without exception enthralling. From the high rise blocks and wind farms of ‘Repetition’ to the extraordinary texts and words of ‘Symphony in Acid’, Max manifested a superlative set that was nothing short of amazing.

Max Cooper’s ‘3D/AV’ show was simply terrific; a sublime mix of cutting edge electro spliced seamlessly with overwhelming visuals to create a stunning symbiosis that delivered on every level.