Meet Me @ The Altar Finishes The “Say it to My Face” Tour at The Basement East in Nashville, Tennessee on February 21st, 2024



On February 21st, pop punk trio Meet Me @ the Altar finished their headlining “Say it to My Face” tour at the Basement East in Nashville, TN, with support from Elliot Lee, John Harvie, and Honey Revenge. All of the artists put on fun and engaging performances that had the crowd enrapt. The atmosphere in the room was a welcoming one, and there were people from all walks of life in attendance, which is always fantastic to see. Before the show had even started, the crowd was singing out loud as the pre-show set list blared pop hits from the 2010s. Complete strangers danced together to their favorite songs, and it was so heartwarming to watch friendships form right before my eyes. By the time the show began, the room was practically buzzing with energy. 

Opening the show was pop artist Elliot Lee from Brooklyn, New York. While Elliot’s music isn’t what I usually listen to, I was instantly captivated by the bold beats and lyrical melodies that had the audience bopping their heads and dancing along. 

Even though Elliot was normally the only one on stage, they completely filled the space with their friendly personality and delightful get up. They dressed in a bunny hat, pastel pajama pants, and a fuzzy jacket, which only added to their cheery energy. Between songs, they would tell jokes to the audience that had everyone laughing. Yet, even though Elliot’s outward appearance was one of joy, many of their songs contained contemplative and sad messages, which Elliot was open with the crowd about. Hearing about the meaning behind the songs definitely added to the experience and made it feel more personal and memorable.  



Elliot Lee



Set List:

1). Sicko

2). 54321

3). Funny Bunny

4). Easy to Be You

5). Pink (Freak)


Next up was artist John Harvie and his touring band, a crowd favorite from right here in Nashville, Tennessee. Since this was a hometown show for John Harvie, a huge crowd of people showed up to support him, and as soon as he started his set, the crowd shouted out the lyrics to his songs while jumping and dancing to the beat. 

John’s spirited music was supported by smooth vocals and a talented band of musicians. Having a band enhanced an already energetic performance from Harvie. The band were all skilled with their instruments, and the bass player was especially fun to watch as he leaped around and hyped up the crowd, a gigantic smile on his face for most of the set. 

John Harvie played a total of seven songs, and by the time he finished, the crowd was ready for more. 


John Harvie



Set List:

1). roses

2). A Little Bit Longer


3). Beauty in the Bad Things

4). at my worst

5). figure 8

6). Bleach (On the Rocks)


The next band to perform is a personal favorite of mine, the pop punk duo Honey Revenge, from Los Angeles, California. With catchy beats and non-stop energy from vocalist Devin Papadol and guitarist Donny Lloyd, they’re a band that makes it impossible to stand still or look away from. Their performance was captivating as Devin, Donny, and their touring bassist kicked and jumped in unison, much to the crowd’s delight. 

To make things even more fun, Devin encouraged the crowd to start a conga line about halfway through the set, which is something Honey Revenge does every show. The crowd was thrilled to oblige as the room turned into a big dancing line of smiling faces. The energy from both the band and crowd continued to increase as they played songs from their new album “Retrovision.” Their dynamic performance was definitely a highlight of the night. 


Honey Revenge:

Devin Papadol – Vocals 
Donovan Lloyd – Guitar 


Set List:
1). Seeing Negative (Disappointment)
2). Worst Apology
3). *New Song*
4). Favorite Song
5). Habitual
6). Rerun
7). Murphy’s Law
8). Are You Impressed?
9). Airhead
10). Distracted

Closing out the night was the headliner, Meet Me @ The Altar, and as the trio took the stage, the crowd bustled with excitement. Their seamless blend of pop-punk melodies, captivating lyrics, and powerhouse vocals made their set electrifying. 

Vocalist Edith Victoria and guitarist Téa Campbell both injected boundless energy into their performances as they used up every area of free space on the stage. While Edith would jump up and down on the right, Téa would spin and kick on the left. And even though drummer Ada Juarez was covered in shadows a lot of the time, her precise and dynamic drumming provided the backbone of the band’s high-energy performance. 

Something I particularly enjoyed about Meet Me @ the Altar’s set was the fact that each band member spoke to the audience at some point. It felt like we were having a conversation with the band, and getting to hear the banter between the three women was a delight. 

Every moment of the set was exciting, and when they closed with “Say It To My Face,” not a single person in the crowd stood still. With their infectious energy, undeniable talent, and unwavering authenticity, Meet Me @ the Altar is a must-see band in concert. 

I had such a fun time, and everyone around me was so nice. The atmosphere of the show was one of the most friendly and accepting I’ve ever experienced, which certainly made an already incredible show that much more enjoyable. 

Edith Victoria – Vocals
Ada Juarez – Drums 
Téa Campbell – Bass / Guitar 
Set List:
1). Same Language

2). Now or Never

3). Beyond My Control

4). Try

5). Hit Like a Girl

6). It’s Over for Me

7). Since U Been Gone
(Kelly Clarkson cover)

8). Take Me Away
(Christina Vidal cover)

9). Burnin’ Up
(Jonas Brothers cover)

10). T.M.I

11). Garden

12). Feel a Thing

13). Kool

14). Say It (to My Face)


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