Minds idle at the drama studio (the nativity 2022) 


Based out of Sheffield, England, UK, Minds Idle use retro flavours from 60s & 70s Psychedelia to colour in their off-kilter pop songs. Exploring lyrical themes of nostalgia, phobia of the modern world and journeys into the forest, the group bring it all home in an electrifying and rather charming live show.

The group share a reverence for the somewhat lost art of song writing. Despite being prone to some sonic experiments, they maintain the ethos that a good song must still be a good song when played on a beaten-up old guitar, or a child’s xylophone.

FFO: MGMT, Kinks, Velvet Underground, Long walks on the beach, Pina Colada

Minds Idle emerged in summer 2021, making Sheffield-wide splashes with debut single ‘HARRY’, surely the city’s most hummed summer anthem, backed by 5 slots at that year’s Tramlines Festival & Fringe events.

Since then, the group have enjoyed a healthy number of Sheffield’s most desirable support slots (Keg, Tempest, Deco) and haven’t yet failed to sell out a show in the city.

Christmas is officially here, the baby Jesus, Mary, the wise men and the odd stray donkey, made a special appearance. The stage was wonderfully decked out with Christmas decorations, a telephone, even Krampus was hiding somewhere too.

It was nice that a large crowd had gathered, waiting in anticipation for the band to come on stage. Minds Idle have a great fan base, of varying ages, and it was great to see some parents had bought there children along to enjoy the show.

Minds Idle came on stage at around 9.30 to great applause, the band have a great stage presence, and use the space well, dancing around, Ted on vocals beams the eccentricity, of a psychedelic lord, with face paint, and expressive movement reminiscent of Arthur Brown minus the burning helmet. The rest of the band to the flamboyant stage show, dressed as the wise men, and deliver a show full of professionalism, expression, artistic creativity in a manner that only Minds Idle can do, echoing a sense of late 1960s mayhem.



Minds Idle played their way through some great songs; ones that stand out were ‘Alchamist’ and ‘Harry’. ‘Alchemist’ is a great combination of Indi pop with a great 1960s vibe, with nice bass/guitar work by Leaney, and Cathan, and Michell adding some extra pizzazz guitar, Lilley keeps good timing on the drums. I really liked haw the band performed this song, wish flashy showmanship on guitar and drums the crowd like this song too.

The song “HARRY” has become a fan favourite, and a local anthem. The band performed this tune really well, the crowd loved it and sang and along with the catchy lyrics, “so get ready, get on our pogo sticks and go for a ride.” The song also has nice dreamy synth effects, it was also the finally, and the support acts came on stage to join in, Harry also made an appearance and it was all hugs, and love. And a great way to end an excellent evening’s entertainment.

Minds Idle are definitely a band to watch out for, and I would like to see them play the Tramlines Festival, or The Leadmill main stage in 2023, It would also be nice to see a new album or E.P release. I wish the band success for next year, and strongly recommend music fans to go see them live, and watch their music videos too because they will make you laugh especially ‘Harry’.

Merry Christmas from Minds Idle “Nativity”