Modest Mouse and Pixies Rock the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 1, 2024



It was a perfect sunny day on June 1, 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the PNC Music Pavilion hosted Cat Power, Modest Mouse, and Pixies as part of their 2024 North American Tour, which had just kicked off the night before in Charleston, South Carolina. The PNC Music Pavilion, a beautiful amphitheater outside of downtown Charlotte, provided the ideal setting for this exciting lineup.

Cat Power started the night off with her easygoing, smooth sound. She played a few notable covers, as well as several light-hearted originals. Cat Power resonated well with the audience and was the perfect kick-off to the night.


Chan Marshall – Vocals/ Guitar


1. Unhate
2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones cover)
3. Cross Bones Style / Nude as the News
4. Manhattan
5. Good Woman
6. The Greatest
7. The Moon
8. Wanderer 


Hitting the stage next were alternative rockers Modest Mouse. The Oregon-based six-piece has a unique blend of alternative, grunge, garage, and the best kind of weird all wrapped up in one awesome sound. Their energy was undeniable right from the start of their set. The second song they played, “Dashboard,” was accompanied by bright, colorful flashing lights as vibrant as the song itself.

Modest Mouse’s performance was a rollercoaster of fast-paced angsty jams and happy, positive songs. They played memorable tracks like “Fire It Up,” “Satin in a Coffin,” and had the crowd singing along to “Float On.” Throughout their set, the band’s dynamic range was on full display, making every moment engaging and memorable. The band closed out their set with “What People Are Made Of” from the album The Moon & Antarctica, released in 2000.

Lead singer and guitarist Isaac Brock‘s distinct vocal style captivated the audience, demonstrating why the band still holds so much admiration 30 years later. Modest Mouse has always been a go-to for a variety of moods, whether you want something feel-good and uplifting or raw and introspective. Their live performance captured this diversity, leaving the crowd exhilarated and ready for more.


Modest Mouse Band Members:

Isaac Brock – Vocals, Guitar
Tom Peloso – Keyboard
Russell Higbee – Bass
Simon O’Connor – Guitar
Damon Cox – Drums
Ben Massarella – Percussion



1. The Stars Are Projectors
2. Dashboard
3. Doin’ the Cockroach
4. 3rd Planet
5. Fire It Up
6. We Are Between
7. We’re Lucky
8. A Forest (The Cure cover)
9. Bukowski
10. Satin in a Coffin
11. Remember Yourself
12. The Whale Song
13. Float On
14. Fuck Your Acid Trip
15. What People Are Made Of


As the moon slowly peaked up, the Boston-based band, the Pixies, hit the stage, and the crowd’s excitement was palpable. The four-piece alternative rockers kicked off their set with “Cactus,” a track from their 1988 release Surfer Rosa. The atmosphere was electric as the band delivered their signature sound, blending punk rock intensity with melodic inventiveness.

The Pixies created an atmospheric energy that was enhanced by their lighting design. “Monkey Gone to Heaven” bathed the stage in beautiful hues of pink, while the heavy bass lines in “Hey” had everyone moving to the beat. The powerful blue lights during “Caribou” amplified the intensity, especially when Black Francis‘ distinctive screams cut through the night, energizing the entire audience.

Throughout their set, the Pixies kept the crowd on their feet, jumping, dancing, and singing along to every song. The audience was a perfect mix of long-time fans who have followed the band throughout their career and new, young fans eager to experience the iconic sound. Each song was met with enthusiastic approval, demonstrating the band’s broad and enduring appeal.

With eight studio albums spanning nearly four decades, the Pixies continue to draw packed audiences. Their enduring appeal proves that this band and their music resonate deeply with listeners. It was a night of nostalgic ’90s rock vibes, demonstrating that great music transcends time and remains relevant even after many years.


Pixies Band Members:
Black Francis – Vocals, Rhythm guitar
Joey Santiago – Lead Guitar
David Lovering – Drums
Emma Richardson – Bass, Backing Vocals



1. Cactus
2. Wave of Mutilation
3. Isla de Encanta
4. Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
5. Planet of Sound
6. Vamos
7. Here Comes Your Man
8. Motorway to Roswell
9. The Happening
10. Allison
11. Gouge Away
12. Bone Machine
13. Ana
14. Mr. Grieves
15. Dig for Fire
16. Monkey Gone to Heaven
17. Debaser
18. Hey
19. Caribou
20. Vegas Suite
21. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
22. The Navajo Know
23. Nimrod’s Son
24. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (Peter Ivers & David Lynch cover)
25. Where Is My Mind?
26. Winterlong (Neil Young cover)





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