“Let’s start a revolution!” – Rock icon Bryan Adams pens track for new film on UK homelessness



“Let’s start a revolution!” 

New film on UK homelessness calls on donations for support 


‘Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son’ is the new film from award-winning filmmaker Lorna Tucker

Rock icon Bryan Adams has supported documentary, writing exclusive song

Kickstarter set up to raise funds to publish and distribute film

An award-winning filmmaker is calling on the public to support the release of a new documentary focus on tackling UK homelessness. ‘Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son’ from UK director Lorna Tucker, is a moving and inspiring film which has garnered support from names including Bryan Adams, who has written an exclusive song for the film. 

Lorna Tucker became homeless at 14 and spent two years living on the streets where she slept under Waterloo Bridge and spent time in and out of sheltered accommodation. The film draws on Lorna’s own lived experience and focuses on the lives of current and former rough sleepers and the dangers they face. From Lorna’s own perspective and that of people she interviews, the film looks beyond just presenting the issues and takes a more active stance; offering real solutions and galvanising national organisations to come together to end homelessness in the UK once and for all.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise important funds needed for publishing and distributing the film in national cinemas and communities. Gratefully received donations are essential for the film to have the impact to change the system. More information on the campaign can be found here.

Writer and Director Lorna Tucker said: “This film opens up an understanding about what leads people to homelessness and what can be done to end it. For too long the broken system has let people down. This film gives them their voice and shows something can be done! Let’s start a revolution! We can end homelessness for good!

“With donations, as little or as much as can be spared, we can distribute the film as far and wide as possible and get it in front of policymakers to change the system, get people off the streets and save lives.”

Rock icon Bryan Adams, who has written an exclusive song for the film, ‘Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son’, said: “ Homelessness is a cause close to my heart, and it was with the release of my book “Homeless” for the Big Issue, that I met director Lorna Tucker. It has been a great honour to be involved in Lorna’s film and to write a song for it. I am hopeful that this film and the music will resonate with people all over the UK and beyond, and even inspire action, in a bid towards ending homelessness. “




In June, the groups working at the frontline of homelessness warned the Government that it was going to miss its target to end homelessness. In the same month, the Prince of Wales’s Royal Foundation launched its pilot Homewards project to provide affordable housing for the homeless. Yet rough sleeping levels in England have increased by 132% since 2010, with the number rising again in 2022. London alone has seen a 12% increase in people new to rough sleeping, as the cost of living crisis and the shortage of affordable housing pushes more people into homelessness.

The film, which was produced by Dartmouth Films and Raindog Films, has gathered support from names across music and comedy including Sam Fender and Adam Buxton. The release of the film is dependent on donations received through the Kickstarter.

Further support from ‘Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son’:

Shelter and Crisis said: “This powerful film is a rallying call that homelessness is not inevitable, and we can end the housing emergency for good.”  

The Connection at St Martin’s said: “Lorna knows homelessness, The Connection knows homelessness – and together we know what it will take to end it.” 

The Big Issue said: “We believe this film can be a key tool and rallying cry in the campaign to end homelessness, energising people across the UK, to put pressure on politicians at a local and national level to make real change.”





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