Nick Perri and The Underground Thieves Trio Light Up Cafe DaVinci’s Outdoor Stage April 29,2021



Cafe DaVinci’s outdoor stage in Deland, Florida hosted Nick Perri and The Underground Thieves Trio, Thursday April 29, 2021. The crowd was a little light as I’m sure most don’t know anything about Nick Perry and The Underground Thieves, or have had a chance to see their epic performance in late February when they opened for Blackberry Smoke at Destination Daytona. All Music Magazine was on hand for that show and knows all about what this great artist has to offer. Nick Perri is an accomplished musician and is proof that rock-n-roll is not dead. The doors opened at 6:00pm with most people arriving around 8:00pm.

Gary Lazer Eyes  from Melbourne, Florida opened the show. The band was formed in 2015 and have three albums to date. The band had three guitar payers giving them a complete sound filling the stage. The DaVinci stage wasn’t quite large enough with the headliners equipment and drum kit taking up the majority of the space on the stage. The band’s bass player stage right and their drummer stage left were almost out of view. None the less, they were tight and had a full sound.

Taking the stage promptly at 8:00pm Gary Lazer Eyes played for forty-five minutes and entertained the crowed as they waited for the main event. Gary Lazer Eyes was set to open for Nick Perri’s Underground Thieves for three shows on this leg of their tour.



Austin Young – Guitar/Vocals

Sean Gray – Guitar/Vocals

Stephen Gillen – Bass

Chris Jones – Drums




  1. White Noise

2. In And Out

3. Lipstick

4. Black & White

5. Symmetry

6. Breathe

7. Gunnin/Summer

8. Lose The Shirt/Feelings Hurt

9. This Must Be The Place

10. Aliyah

11. Drugs

12. Weekend

13. Galapagos


At about 9:12pm Nick Perri came walking out onto the stage, strapped on his guitar and started the intro of “Let You Know”. After a few minutes he was joined by Brian Weaver and Zil Fessler as the intro shifted into the full song. The band started heating up and it was on, as incredible guitar skills were on display. The performance didn’t have a great light show or major pyrotechnics, just great music with a front man that can sing and play incredible guitar! The show was refreshing.


Nick Perri is an incredible talent that can just play guitar. It’s obvious he has been influenced by guitarists in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Nick Perri is a platinum selling songwriter with movies, commercials, and even the Transformers compilation album on his resume. This guitarist is the real deal and just a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Check out The Underground Thieves debut album β€œSun Via” released in 2020   🌡🌞




Nick Perri – Vocals/Guitar

Brian Weaver – Bass

Zil Fessler – Drums




  1. Let You Know

2. Feelin Good

3. I Want You

4. Ewo/Sunshine

5. Excess

6. My My Hey Hey

7. Modern Mann

8. Morning Light

9. Let Love Rule


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