Ocean Colour Scene, the stalwarts of 90’s Brit Pop and nineties Mod icons, take to the stage at Liverpool’s Mountford Hall, performing to another sell-out crowd, many of whom have braved the elements and the sub-freezing weather for hours, Billy Seagrave Joined the crowd for All Music Magazine.

Tonight’s support is supplied by Burr Island

Burr Island is a powerful musical duo made up of Tom England (singer and guitarist) and Oscar Porter Brentford (Singer). The pair met 9 years ago at an acting course in Salford and went on to develop their friendship and musical careers together through drama school in Guildford. Burr Island are no strangers to performing after landing numerous gigs and more in the pipeline. The duo has just released their debut EP called ‘Baker St. Blues’. Inspired by the likes of The Beatles, Paul Simon and The Beach Boys, they bring catchy acoustic melodies and soothing harmonies which coincide with meaningful lyrics.

Baker St Blues is a strong debut EP which brings their influences together along with their own twist, giving a unique listening experience. An experience which will take you back to when music was full bodied and focused on the melody, raw vocals, and story without any other interferences. Just pure musical talent.



Taking to the stage with a casual stroll, immediately launching into the album that kicked everything off “Moseley Shoals”, and the unmistakeable lead in guitar of “You got it bad”, the festivities have officially begun. As lead singer Simon Fowler, straps on an acoustic guitar for the beautiful and haunting version of “Fleeting mind”, the warmth his vocals and the tightness of the band is undeniable, Steve Craddock delivers harmonics on the guitar that showcases his fabulous work.

The Birmingham band’s story is already the stuff of legend: a rip-roaring Indie-rock odyssey set to a backdrop of over 30 years of UK pop culture at its very best.

The evenings set was strewn with crowd pleasing classics, played by a band who seemed intent on reviving that smouldering alternative indie rock they became famous for, “Profit in Peace” is as prolific an anthem today as it was when it was written, for the crowd who have not missed a beat from the off it’s a sing-fest, all is merry and bright. Drifting into “The Riverboat song”, is a momentous moment, delivered from a band that seem to defy the ages.

“This day should last forever”, see’s the band in their element as they forge on to “One for the road”, which makes way for “Travelers tune”.

“The Circle” keeps the momentum moving forward, Oscar was the driving force of the band’s rhythm, a powerhouse of percussion, especially during the last song of the set “Hundred-mile-high City”, which is in my opinion one of the best tracks ever laid down over the last 30 years, given more prestige played live to a crowd so full of nostalgia clearly here to party.

Coming back for the encore, Simon Launches into, “Robin Hood”, going into Oasis outro of “Live forever”, you cannot help being drawn in by his vocal delivery. This lead straight into “Waves”, the buzz in the air is electric as “The day we caught the train”, threatens to burst out of the hall, the fans are bouncing and the vocals are in full force, For many that would be the final curtain call, but we are in Liverpool, one of the worlds centres of musical excellence, so many artists and bands influenced by what the city has offered over the years, no more so than tonight’s, host, so it was fitting that we ended with one of the most recognisable tunes from the forebears of pop, the Beatles and it was the cover of “Day tripper”, that brought the house down.



Tonight, OCS delivered a set that showed they are much more than a one album band. As you go through the extensive back catalogue you cannot deny the influences and inspiration the band use for their work, but I would also say that so many bands and artists have clearly been influenced by a band who are as respected today as they have ever been.

Set List

1/ You’ve Got It Bad

2/ Fleeting Mind

3/ Debris Road

4/ So Low

5/ July

6/ The Clock Struck 15 Hours Ago

7/ North Atlantic Drift

8/ It’s My Shadow

9/ Profit in Peace

10/ I Wanna Stay Alive With You

11/ The Riverboat Song

12/ Half a Dream Away

13/ Free on the Wind

14/ This Day Should Last Forever

15/ One for the Road

16/ Travellers Tune

17/ Better Day

18/ The Circle

19/ Get Blown Away

20/ Hundred Mile High City


21/ Robin Hood

(Simon solo. Snippet of ‘Live Forever’ by Oasis as outro)

22/ The Waves

23/ The Day We Caught the Train

24/ Day Tripper