Orianthi Plays Her Heart Out at Yoshi’s in Oakland, California on April 25, 2024



The night was set for Orianthi at Yoshi’s in Oakland California on April 24, 2024 and it was an awesome night of entertainment. Yoshi’s is a restaurant with a built-in music venue that opened in 1972. The 310-seat venue has hosted everyone from the local high school jazz bands to Bonnie Raitt. It’s small, intimate, and quite lovely in its setting.

Orianthi was the only artist performing and the fans in attendance were all excited. Orianthi started the night with “Light It Up” off her latest CD Rock Candy, and it just got better from there. Next easing into “You Don’t Want To Know” the band, Justin Andres and Elias Mallin, tore it up while Orianthi was just settling in.  She then followed with a B.B King song called “Never Make Your Move” with saxophone player Jeff Ryan rounding out the quartette and rocking out. Orianthi then followed with”Heaven in This Hell” the title track off the 2013 album of the same name. Up next was ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” and it was all Orianthi. This was the track that hit home was “How Do You Sleep” at the last part of the electric set from the Heaven in This Hell album. She just shredded the song!

The next part of the set was acoustic, starting with “Where Did Your Heart Go” which was a very beautiful song. Playing her Gibson SJ-200, this part of the show really hit home with an incredible tone.  Fellow Australian Keith Urban‘s song “Somebody Like You”, was a huge hit with the crowd. Then an Eric Clapton song, “Before You Accuse Me” and the crowd went nuts. 

Back to the PRS guitar, she broke into “First Time Blues” and “What’s It Gonna Be”. Killer songs with amazing solos and Jeff Ryan’s saxophone really stood out. If that wasn’t enough, she dipped into “Sinners Hymn.” she absolutely killed it and her PRS guitar was screaming. The next to the final song was “According To You” which she even admitted, she sometimes forgets the lyrics. But, she did a bang-up job and, I don’t think, she forgot any lyrics.  For the encore,  Jimi Hendrix‘s “VooDoo Child” was the perfect ending and she did bang up job on this one.  

To be honest, if the show the next night wasn’t sold out, I would be there. She shredded the entire set letting loose a barrage of guitar solos that would wake the dead.  Spanning all the genres, Orianthi captivated the audience with her stage presence and stunning personality. She even got a bottle of wine for her set from a thankful member of the audience. What a show!


Follow Orianthi band members:

Orianthi – guitar, vocals

Justin Andres – guitar, bass

Elias Mallin – drums

Jeff Ryan – saxophone




1). Light It Up

2). You Don’t Wanna Know

3). Never Make Your Move (B.B. King cover)

4). Heaven In This Hell

5). Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top cover)

6). How Do You Sleep

7). Where Did Your Heart Go

8). Somebody Like You (Keith Urban cover)

9). Before You Accuse Me (Eric Clapton cover)

10). First Time Blues

11). What’s It Gonna Be

12). Sinner’s Hymn

13). According To You 


14). Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix cover)





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