Orianthi Drops the Highly Anticipated Album “Rock Candy” October 14, 2022



On Friday, October 14, I was anxiously wait for my Amazon delivery guy. Why you ask? My copy of Orianthi‘s fifth release, Rock Candy was arriving. I have been awaiting this release since she started talking about it on social media and posting teasers about it. Released on Frontiers Music srl, this 11 track album is just plain great all the way through. Produced by Jacob Bunton, this album is pure Orianthi. Blurring the lines between pop, blues and rock is what Orianthi does best and this release showcases that on every level.

 The opening track, “Illuminate (part I)” is a 53 second guitar solo that shines against the monotone keyboard background. This track really shows off her technical prowess on the guitar. This track is both moody and vibrant at the same time and is an awesome kick off to the album.

 The first single is also the second track on the album. “Light it Up” is an extremely catchy track that highlights her vocals backed with heavier guitar riffs. This is one of those songs that is just so easy to sing along with, flowing rhythm and a catchy chorus makes this song an instant hit.



 Track 3, “Fire Together” feels like new love. The energy and excitement that manifests in a new relationship is what drives this song’s mood. The joy and exploration come through as her guitar takes a bit of a backseat for the first half of the song except for the chorus where she brings it in with a powerful, grungy guitar solo.

“Where Did Your Heart Go” is up next. This is a classic love is blind song. She sings about ignoring the red flags of a relationship and eventually reaping the consequences. This is, probably the most radio friendly song. It’s not too heavy and it has lyrics we can all identify with one way or another. This is an instant classic!



That is followed up with “Red Light”. This introspective look at life sitting at a red light is one of the more heavy tracks on the album, not only musically but lyrically. All the things that go through our minds stuck at a red light, woes of life, relationship issues, and how to leave it all behind . All at a red light.

The next track is “Void”. “Void” starts out a little pop-y but hits hard on the chorus. Slow methodical drums, and bass with driving guitar riffs send this song to a different level. Orianthi describes the boy that won’t open up to a tee. Never allowing themselves to be too vulnerable yet saying what they need to to get what they want. All while she knows it will never last.

“Burning” is all about falling for the same type of guy over and over and expecting something different. Yet, every time, it ends the same. Like one of the lyrics says, “I pick the same devil with a different face” . Musically and lyrically, this is just a great song. Strong, introspective and relevant, we all know someone who has been there. 

“Living Is Like Dying Without You” is a breakup song of sorts. This acoustic track is about the girl that gets dumped, her heart broken and all the emotions she goes through. This time though, he keeps coming back and doing it over and over. Only, she loves him and believes he changed each time. She wishes she could quit him but her love is too strong. 

“Witches and The Devil” is all about the pain of heartbreak. Feeling like no one is on your side and the utter despair you feel. Yet, feeling like you can never climb out of the hole you are in.  We’ve all been there at one point. This is so relatable on so many levels. Even the music has a dark feel to it.

“Getting To Me” is the final vocal track on Rock Candy. This up beat track has a completely different feel from the last song. This song is about total empowerment and letting go of the toxicity that some relationships bring. This was the perfect lyrical track to end this album on because it shows, through it all, you can’t break me. I will survive and will come out the other side better than before.

The album finishes up with another instrumental this time working in violin with Orianthi’s amazing guitar work.  

Rock Candy is obviously a relationship album but it is so much more than that. This is a musical masterpiece that deserves to be heard. Not only for the music but, for the messages it contains. Orianthi is a phenomenal guitar player, amazing vocalist (both live and recorded) and a beautiful soul that pours her heart out on every song. I will be listening to this album for years to come.   


Rock Candy is a 10/10 album!


Track List

1). Illuminate (Part 1)

2). Light It Up

3). Fire Together

4). Where Did Your Heart Go

5). Red Light

6). Void

7). Burning

8). Living Is Like Dying Without You

9). Witches and The Devil

10). Getting To Me

11). Illuminate (Part 2)




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