Shinedown in VA Beach, Virginia for Planet Zero World Tour 9-18-2022 by Annette Holloway for All Music Magazine

Shinedown’s Planet Zero Tour Descends on Virginia Beach, Virginia’s Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater 9-18-2022


After wading in the ocean on a warm Virginia afternoon September 18th, 2022 and reflecting on my packed concert photography schedule, I contemplated what was in store for the evening. The incredible rock band Shinedown along with Jelly Roll and John Harvie were cruising into Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater that night, and anticipation was high for their new music and extraordinary new production for Planet Zero World Tour. Rocking faces off since 2001, time has treated this larger-than-life band very well as was evident from their signature high energy and incredible vocals.

Opening act John Harvie, a young Nashville-based singer/songwriter, started the countdown to Shinedown with pop-punk mayhem, and had no trouble captivating the audience. His set included breakout single “Bleach (On The Rocks)” and “Beauty in the Bad Things,” which is a letter of hope to his 12-year-old self.


John Harvie Band Members

John Harvie – Vocals, guitar

Josh Manuel – Drums

Jake Ingram – Bass

Reese Maslen – Guitar


John Harvie Setlist

1) A Little Bit Longer

2) Worse

3) Haunt Me

4) My Name (In Your Mouth)

5) Alaina

6) Beauty in the Bad Things

7) Not Another Song

8) Bleach (On the Rocks)



Still in the top 5 of Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs chart for “Son of a Sinner,” Jelly Roll brought the hits to the amphitheater complete with plenty of pyro. Known for his collaborations with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne and Ryan Upchurch, Jelly Roll’s setlist was graced with rock, rap and country. In the “Sweet Home Alabama” medley, Zach Myers of Shinedown joined in, rapping “99 Problems.” Later as the crowd sang along with some of his signature songs, the humble singer seemed truly touched that they knew the lyrics.


Jelly Roll Band Members

Jelly Roll – Vocals

Cody Ash – Drums

Jack Fowler – Lead Guitar

Alex Howard – Bass

Casey Strumz – Guitar

AMW DJ Chill – DJ



Jelly Roll Setlist

1) The Hate Goes On

2) Only

3) Same Asshole

4) Fall in the Fall

5) Son of a Sinner

6) Sweet Home Alabama / Smells Like Teen Spirit / 99 Problems /
Killing in the Name / Beer Never Broke My Heart

7) Smoking Section

8) Creature

9) Dead Man Walking

10) Bottle and Mary Jane

11) Save Me


Enter Shinedown. Playing on two gigantic screens on stage were video clips about the chaos in the world during the pandemic that shut down the music industry. Then the words, “584 days later…” and scenes of the return of live music symbolizing a new beginning. As the two massive screens opened up, like front doors from a new world, Shinedown’s Brent Smith, Zach Myers, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch emerged to deafening cheers from the crowd. In true Shinedown fashion, the show then started with the bang of a concussion grenade, pyro and “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” from their new album Planet Zero released July 1, 2022. The lighting of the next song, “Devil” bathed the stage in red for the duration and was from the recent album Attention! Attention!. Next up, hard-hitting “America Burning” addressed the chaos that began during the pandemic, including political and civil unrest, cancel culture, uncertainty, and the fear everyone felt across the globe. The show continued with more tracks from the new album along with older favorites like “Monsters” and “Bully” with plenty of pyro throughout. Some highlights included times when a grand piano with flashing lights was lowered from the rafters. Eric Bass played it beautifully during “Get Up” and “Daylight.”  Jelly Roll joined Brent Smith on stage for “Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover),” and the show ended with fists in the air and pyro blasts for “Sound of Madness.”

Shinedown’s impressive Planet Zero World Tour, in support of their 2022 chart-topping seventh studio album, Planet Zero, began September 3rd in the U.S. and will continue in Europe through November and December.


Shinedown Band Members

Brent Smith – Vocals

Zach Myers – Guitar

Eric Bass – Bass, Keys

Barry Kerch – Drums




Shinedown Setlist

1) The Saints of Violence and Innuendo

2) Devil

3) America Burning

4) How Did You Love

5) 45

6) Bully

7) The Crow & the Butterfly

8) Get Up

9) Enemies

10) Daylight

11) Planet Zero

12) Cut the Cord

13) Monsters (Zack played the riff of “Blister in the Sun” by Violent Femmes)

14) Second Chance

15) Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)

16) Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover)

17) Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) (with Jelly Roll)

18) Sound of Madness






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