Getting ready for their highly anticipated debut album, PET NEEDS squeeze-out a fresh taste of things to come with: “Toothpaste”.

A confident new cut that packs a cataclysmic punch, “Toothpaste” is the latest single from PET NEEDS and swiftly follows the BBC6 Music championed “Tracey Emin’s Bed”. Fusing the agitated dance/punk rhythms of DZ Deathrays to the bolshy rock chops of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, it’s a track that finds PET NEEDS on equally ebullient form and paves the way for the imminent: ‘Fractured Party Music’ (out 12th March, via Xtra Mile Recordings).

Written as a letter to his 10 year old self, the track finds frontman Johnny Marriott ruminating on the deep founded memories we can attach to the most mundane of objects. On converting home comforts into arena-sized anthemia, Marriott says of the track

“[“Toothpaste”] was penned on the M1 on the way home from visiting my mum in Derby. She has bought exactly the same toothpaste for years and every time I use it, standing in the bathroom next to my childhood bedroom, it throws me right back to being an anxious little lad trying to make sense of things, haha.”

As infectious as a winning smile and lacking none of the bite, “Toothpaste” beams with an irrepressible energy impossible to ignore. Mixed and mastered by Frank Turner, it’s as dazzling as it is deafening, and just one of the many standout moments to expect on their forthcoming album: ‘Fractured Party Music’.



Founded in Colchester by brothers George and  Johnny Marriott, PET NEEDS are the band Britain needs right now. With a clutch of anti-anthems inspired by the disastrous job interviews, self-destruction and river journeys on inflatable kayaks that have defined their lives, their idiosyncratic lyrics and an effusive spirit have seen them rise through the ranks with lightning speed. With a line up also featuring Jack (drums) and Rich (bass), the four-piece have shared stages with the likes of Muncie Girls, Buzzcocks, Maximo Park, PiL and The Undertones and impressed audiences at several major festivals. In a date with destiny, their explosive live performance at Camden Rocks would see them win-over: Frank Turner, with the star offering to mix and master their upcoming debut album.
Forced off the road in 2020, PET NEEDS took it as a sign to complete their long awaited debut: ‘Fractured Party Music’. Coruscating the modern malaise with sneers at pretence, musing on artistic ambition versus commercial success, and tales of creativity and failure, ‘Fractured Party Music’ will be a topical blitz upon apathy. Calling on Turner’s expertise to harness the restless energy stored up from months bereft of live shows; together they have honed a studio record that smolders with electrifying feedback and tangs with cynic-stinging lyricism.
Described by frontman Johnny Marriott as “the ultimate “Fractured Party” song”, new single “Toothpaste” radiates with the unruly force and atmospheric crackle of a house-party spiraling out of control. A total earworm of tenacious alt-rock; let it loose at your peril. Once out of the tube and in your head, there’ll be no putting it back…