Princess Goes Leaves An Indelible Mark on Club Academy Manchester UK September 26, 2023





Club Academy Manchester played host to a mesmerizing night featuring Princess Goes, with support from the talented Beija Flo. It promised to be an intimate and captivating night.

Beija Flo, a singer-songwriter hailing from Liverpool, graced the stage as the opening act. Her music, a blend of pop, soul, and spoken word, seemed to really resonate with the audience. The highlight of her performance was “Waiting for the Sun,” a heartfelt dedication to women enduring MRKH syndrome. Beija Flo, an inspiring artist, deserving of wider recognition, delivers not only catchy and enjoyable music but also meaningful and empowering messages. She serves as a role model for those facing life’s challenges, reminding us that hope and light persist even in the darkest times. Missing the opportunity to witness her live performance would be a regrettable loss, as her energy and presence are truly captivating.




1.) I Sincerely Apologise

2.)  Heads Or Tails

3.) Hit Me Like A Bird Against A Window

4.) 2nd Hand Cock Rings

5.) Nudes

6.) Dream Baby

7.) Gerry’s Garden

8.) Waiting for the Sun

9.) Mary


Princess Goes, the electronic trio led by actor and singer Michael C. Hall, delivered a spellbinding performance at Club Academy Manchester. Fresh from releasing their second album, “Come of Age,” earlier that month, the band seamlessly blended songs from their debut, “Thanks for Coming,” with their new experimental offerings, showcasing their eclectic style.

The show kicked off with “Bombed out sites,” bathed in overpowering red lighting, creating a deep and moody atmosphere with intermittent flashes of backlight revealing the artists. “Let it go” and the infectious “Blur” maintained a mellow pace. “Jet pack,” from their latest album, exuded a distinct David Bowie vibe—ethereal and pulsating. Hall’s distinctive vocals soared above the synth-heavy arrangement, while Matt Katz-Bohen on keyboards and Peter Yanowitz on drums formed a tight rhythm section. The crowd was instantly captivated by the infectious chorus.

“Beija,” a song dedicated to the night’s support act, proved to be a fan favorite, with the audience singing along to every word. This demonstrated the loyal fan base that Princess Goes has cultivated since their formation in 2019. Hall engaged with the crowd between songs, sprinkling humor and expressing heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support.



The second half of the show was dedicated to the new material, highlighting the band’s growth and diversity. “Come of Age” proved to be a more mature and cohesive album than “Thanks for Coming,” delving into themes of identity, connection, and self-discovery. The band showcased some of the album’s standout tracks, including the anthemic “Shimmer,” the haunting and hypnotic “Tomorrows Screams,” and the epic, emotionally charged closer, “Come of Age.”

A four-song encore marked the grand finale, opening with “Offering.” “Cruel world” evoked a delightful Beatles vibe, and the penultimate song of the evening, “Glasswing,” was another gem from the latest album, concluding with “Come Talk to Me.”

Princess Goes left an indelible mark, proving that they are far more than just a side project for Hall. They are a serious and talented musical entity deserving of recognition and respect. Their live performance was a captivating and immersive experience, 



Set List.

1/ Bombed Out Sites

2/ Let It Go

3/ Blur

4/ The Deeper Down

5/ Eat An Eraser

6/ Jetpack

7/ Vicious

8/ Airhead

9/ Angela Peacock

10/ Beija

11/ Ketamine

12/ Shimmer

13/ Sweet & Low

14/ Tomorrow’s Screams

15/ Thanks for Coming

16/ Come of Age


17/ Offering

18/ Cruel World

(Phantogram cover)

19/ Glasswing

20/ Come Talk to Me