It was a cold, rainy night in Houston. It was the kind of night that would make most people stay home. For RED fans, however, that was not an option. The weather was just a temporary inconvenience while fans stood in line, waiting patiently at the entrance of Scout Bar to get inside so they could see their favorite band perform, and wow…what a performance it was.

On this particular evening, there were four bands on the bill: Cody Jasper, who opened the show, followed by local fan favorites Kingdom Collapse. Saul, who traveled nationally with RED on this tour, was the last band to perform in the opening set.  It was an action-packed evening with bands who created a sound so large, that I was surprised the building still stood upright at evening’s end.

Cody Jasper was the first to arrive on stage and is someone I’d never seen nor heard of before. He’s a native of Amarillo, Texas, so as a fellow Texan, I’m an automatic fan (there’s no negotiating; it’s a Texas thing.) All that aside, he is absolutely dynamite on stage. His particular brand of southern rock mixed with country and soul is something I’ve never heard done so well. Cody Jasper has unlocked the secret to mixing this combination of genres, and it is hot fire to see and hear. At some point during the set, I even heard shades of Stevie Ray Vaughn in his music, and in looking at some of the audience members, I could see the nods of approval and the sly smiles on their faces. As the band left the stage, the woman standing next to me remarked “Umm, wow…I didn’t expect THAT! and I have to agree. Cody Jasper is definitely something special. Catch his show whenever and wherever you can, and look for his third album “Rock Is Dead”, to hit your favorite music platform in 2024.


Band Members:

Cody Jasper – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Logan Nikolic – Guitar

Patrick Smith – Bass

Gregory John – Drums



Alternative metal band Kingdom Collapse was next on the night’s roster, and they have certainly been busy since I’ve seen and photographed them last. Veterans of Welcome to Rockville, Rock Fest, the Blue Ridge Rock Fest, and often seen backing Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Fame On Fire, and Adelitas Way nationally, Kingdom Collapse has had time to solidify a rock setlist that is really impressive. With a more powerful sound than ever, lead singer Jonathan Norris belted out some of their favorite hits to a crowd that sang along to every single lyric. At some point Norris commented “Wow, you guys are f*cking amazing…I should just hand you the mic”, to which the audience screamed in appreciation. The band’s sound is tight, and Norris’ stage presence is polished and confident. To top it off, Jonathan Norris couldn’t be a nicer guy. Everyone could see the appreciation on his face as the fans sang and cheered during the set. I’m sure you’ll be able to see Kingdom Collapse on tour with any number of bands or at a music festival, very, very soon.


Band Members:

Jonathan Norris – Lead Vocals

David Work – Lead Guitar

Aaron Smith – Bass

Elijah Santucci – Drums




1). Uprise

2). Payback

3). Save Me From Myself

4). Never Be Like You

5). Break Free

6). Suffer

7). Unbreakable


As equipment cleared the stage for Saul, there was a noticeable increase in the number of people in the venue. I was comfortably smashed dead center against the barrier, as there was no room between it and the stage for any kind of movement. Saul’s set was dark and moody, but lead singer Blake Bedsaul kept the crowd entertained and engaged, often reaching out to shake hands and bump fists with the fans. The band seemed in great spirits and were as entertaining as they were talented. One of the best parts of the evening was seeing drummer Myles Clayborne arrive on stage in a beaver costume from Buc-ee’s. I only hope he drank a lot of fluid after the show. As was expected, Saul’s performance was fantastic.


Band Members:

Blake Bedsaul – Lead Vocals

Zach Bedsaul – Lead Guitar

William McIlravy – Bass

Myles Clayborne – Drums




1.) Trial By Fire

2.) Tooth And Nail

3.) King of Misery

4.) Better As A Memory

5.) A Million Miles

6.) Rise As Equals

7.) The Toll

8.) Sticks And Stones

9.) Don’t Close Your Eyes

10.) Brother


After a short intermission to set the stage, RED finally appeared. Looming over the crowd were large, white plastic mannequins, with only rectangles, backlit in blue, for eyes.  Supporting the mannequins were large, white fabric blocks, which reflected light during the performance. Fans were delighted with the intricate light show, carefully interwoven with the music, and lead singer Michael Barnes was in great form. If you’ve never seen RED perform, you’ll be intoxicated immediately with Barnes’ beautiful voice, which contrasts nicely with the band’s heavy-metal sound. RED fans have come to expect manicured entertainment from RED, and this show did not disappoint. Titled “Rated R”, the tour celebrates the release of a studio album of the same name. Just as the show hit Houston, the band released a short film entitled “The Redeemers”, a story about a group of unknown men who appear in a small town in order to help save it from an evil force. This is another welcomed chapter in the RED saga; something fans have come to know and love.

The set started strong with “Surrogates” and “Infidel”, but a favorite moment of the evening was the slow, melodic version of “Shadows”, during which you could hear a pin drop. I spoke to a long-time fan in the back of the venue who said he’d seen every RED show, and every time the show was completely different, but also completely amazing. This Grammy-nominated band is one you’ll want to see over and over again. Unfortunately, this part of the tour is almost at its end, but there is a string of U.S. tour dates yet to come. European fans will be able to see the band starting in the summer of 2024.  


Band Members:

Michael Paul Barnes – Lead Singer

Anthony Armstrong – Lead Guitar

Randy Lee Armstrong – Bass, Keyboards

Brian Medeiros – Drums




1.) Surrogates

2.) Infidel

3.) Lie to Me (Denial)

4.) Let Go

5.) Lost

6.) Let It Burn

7.) The War We Made

8.) Still Bleeding

9.) Already Over

10.) Your Devil Is a Ghost

11.) Pieces

12.) Cold World

13.) Feed the Machine

14.) Death of Me

15.) Release the Panic

16.) Emergency

17.) Shadows


18.) Minus It All

19.) Breathe Into Me




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