Review of Maxïmo Park New Record “Nature Always Wins”




Release: 26 February 2021 on Prolifica Inc 

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Maximo Park stormed the U.K. charts in 2005 with “A Certain Trigger”, a unique blend of infectious Indie Rock and lyrical genius. “Seven albums later the Geordie lads are still releasing great records and NATURE ALWAYS WINS is no different.”

According to singer Paul Smith, the title comes from the age-old question Nature vs Nurture; recorded during the pandemic, Paul Smith said he wanted to “explore new musical territory without sacrificing our trademark melodic twists and heartfelt lyrics.”

Starting off a little bit disco, before the pumping bass and 90’s Indie Rock guitar riff takes over and then in steps Paul Smiths vocals and it’s on.

Right from the start this sounds like a Maximo Park record. Going over old ground in a new way, reinventing the sound that catapulted the band to such heights in the noughties, all tied in with Paul Smiths distinctive vocals and clever lyricism and wordsmithery.



What we have here in Nature Always Wins is a record full of hooks and melodies that drives and pops in true Maximo Park style, exploring the anxieties of being a new father, growing older and how that changes your priorities in life. But it’s not just personal and intimate, it also has elements of social commentary, subjects such as terrorism the mistreatment of ethnic minorities, and the Grenfell disaster are all given a voice here.

The standout tracks for me are “All of Me”, with it’s almost 80’s synth keyboard riff and soaring and catchy as hell chorus; what a great track! “Baby Sleep” has all the elements of why we love this band so much. Paul Smith’s vocal delivery is perfect as the words trip and spill out of his mouth which leads us to the punchy anthemic chorus, brilliant stuff.



Nature Always Wins is a great Maximo Park record, driving indie-pop perfect.


Review by Desh Kapur



Track Listing

Partly Of My Making
Versions Of You
Baby, Sleep
All Of Me
Meeting Up
Why Must A Building Burn?
I Don’t Know What I’m Doing
The Acid Remark
Feelings I’m Supposed To Feel
Child Of The Flatlands