“Love No Less Than A Queen”. Release Date 20/08/21 on the “Strap Originals” label



Now fully affiliated card carrying rock ‘n’ rollers having signed to Pete Docherty’s Strap Originals label itinerant Welsh indie rock innovators Trampolene emerge blinking into the bright glare of post lockdown UK with their third full fat LP “Love no less than a queen” determined to conquer this most difficult and pivotal phase of any band’s career and first impressions are that they have more than ably struck the right balance between what they were and where they are heading. What we get here on “Love no less than a queen” is 12 songs of which a clutch are singles released in the last year or so all packed up within a chunk of new stuff that runs beautifully over the obligatory 40 plus mins.



Bursting out of the traps with “Gotta do more, gotta be more” Trampolene immediately demand your attention with a blistering and snarling, overdriven, power riffing overture suggesting a fully debauched, motorik, rock ‘n’ roll onslaught is headed your way. It’s a great start but wisely (having achieved the desired effect of inviting listeners onboard for the ride) the tempo quickly steadies with “Oh lover” to something more subtle, grungy and Nivana-esq. Down yet another notch track three “The misadventures” gets darker and moodier still in something William Burroughs would have appreciated as Jack Jones shares a gothic and disturbing vision of nocturnal terrors cementing his word smithery credentials. Here’s the thing though: next up Trampolene give us some really uplifting and heartfelt numbers that effortlessly tell tales and paint us pictures on a broad canvas examining the fragility of “being”. This is exactly how the “difficult third” should be approached as a future sound is introduced. As side one (in my mind at least), draws to a close with the quirky “Uncle Brian’s abbatoir” featuring a guest appearance from the gaffer Pete Docherty I’m left thinking Yep this is going to be sweet….so where to next boys?



So onwards to side 2 (well that’s what I’m gonna call it) which turns out to be as diverse a set of cuts as you could want and again, not to stretch the point, is absolutely perfect breakout, third LP stuff and basically oozes invention, hinting that future musical possibilities are myriad and that Trampolene have options moving forward. Kicking off “Shoot the light” is a retro euro sounding tame Impala type of song with Peter Hook rhythmic stylings leaving just enough space for a taste of Crazy Horse guitar work (Intriguing and a grower for sure!) before the straight down the line tender love song “Lighter than paper” introduces the tear jerk factor into proceedings. And then boom “Perfect view” stakes a claim as an anthemic festival singalong hit parade number. Lest, at this point, we fear we may be moving too far from the rock and the roll of it all we get “Born again” which is a full on , balls to the wall, US styled heavy rock tune. Honestly that’s what it is. Ah yes, of course, there is always that vast trans Atlantic market to assault and the squealing solos and thunderous drum and bass combos here stand as good a chance as any thing else of winning new fans over the pond. “Milan” is no less a contender here and is imminently well constructed and a bonafide ear worm. Concluding affairs Trampolene have thankfully included the simply awesome “Come join me in life” single, released in the depths of the Covid nightmare where the neo beat poetry and spoken word of Jack Jones overwhelms in, to my mind, what is one of the best songs of the year sofar where a simply spell binding Spacemen three type psych under current anchors proceedings. Absolutely loving that one for sure. That’s hairs standing up material right there.



So that’s the deal here. In a nutshell one of the most original and absorbing records I’ve heard in simply ages that is brilliantly signposting what awesome potential Trampolene have and what wonders are yet to come. Well worth a nine from ten as experienced from my lofty perch here in Zodiac Strasse. Di Iawn boys. There ain’t no stoppin’ now!







1. ‘Gotta Do More Gotta Be More’
2. ‘Oh Lover’
3. ‘The Misadventures Of Lord Billy Bilo’
4. ‘No Love No Kisses’
5. ‘Remember’
6. ‘Uncle Brian’s Abattoir’
7. ‘Shoot The Lights’
8. ‘Lighter Than Paper’
9. ‘Perfect View’
10. ‘Born Again’
11. ‘Milan’
12. ‘Come Join Me In Life’