Out on 7th MAY across all digital formats via Blaggers Records, with digital distribution by Horus Music.

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London based four-piece The Skinner Brothers are Zachary Skinner, Perry Meadowcroft, Joe Fisher, Alfie Clayton, and they released their latest EP ICONIC on 7th MAY across all digital formats via Blaggers Records, with digital distribution by Horus Music. 

I love reviewing EPs, they can be so exciting. Short and straight to the point, all gold, no filler, they can give you a real taste of what a band is about and sometimes a feel for where they are going.

So, it was great to get the EP from The Skinner Brothers. It blasts off with first track, “ICONIC” which takes it’s cue from very early Kasabian; word trippy, pumping bass, I dare you try to keep your feet from shuffling.


The slow and driving, pumping and bouncing “MORE” follows. The vocals sitting next to you and talking directly into your ear, “LOW” keeps the bass pumping and those feet shuffling.

Bringing up the rear is “AWAY DAYS” with the line that stands out to me on the whole EP “I said Aye Aye .You hear the sound of the UK, when the lion sings, we get crazy” And that couldn’t be more spot on, this EP is innately British. As far as song writing goes, its Oasis Definitely Maybe, it’s The Streets Original Pirate Material, it’s the Artic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, it’s the Libertines Up The Bracket and its only 4 tracks of an EP. Lyrically it’s Fred Perry, football, the pub with your mates, growing up on the res, ducking and diving and the making the most of nothing with nothing. And when it’s all mixed together it’s so very, very exciting.



I could fill this review with adjectives, but the bottom line is that this EP is brilliant and as cool as F**K and if this EP doesn’t catapult The Skinner Brothers to massive popularity and to the critical acclaim it deserves then all is lost. My advice to everyone is you better get on to it now. If you’re not getting what I’m saying, then here it is again… This band is going to be big, most likely too big for their own good, like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill getting bigger and bigger until no one can control it, and do you know what? I think that’s just the way these lads will like it.



Review by Desh Kapur