Out 2nd April on Parlophone Records


I first saw The Snuts at Skeleton Coast Festival a couple of years back and I was more than impressed, this is what I thought of them at the time….

“I arrived just in time to catch Scottish indie rockers, The Snuts. I’ve never seen this band before and I loved them, and I can’t wait to see them again. They put on a show that made you stop, watch and listen. Slick, slow ballads, infectious indie party bangers, blistering indie energy matched to a surging, soaring chorus. Lead singer Jack Cochrane was armed with a bottle of Scottish drink of choice, Buck Fast, a guitar and just the right amount of Scottish gobbyness”

I saw them again a year later and couldn’t understand why they weren’t all over the radio and press. Was I missing something? Over the last 12 months I have seen and heard them slowly become a band that people are taking notice of, picking up national radio with BBC Radio 1, about to time too, so when I got sent their debut long player, I was more than excited.



So, who are The Snuts? Well, they are a 4-piece band from West Lothian. Formed in 2015 they consist of Jack Cochrane on vocals/guitar, Joe McGillveray on guitar, Callum Wilson on bass and Jordan McKay on drums. The band was formed when they were all in school together, now with all that said let’s get down to business.

The album opens up with “Top Deck” and Jack Cochrane’s beautifully lilting voice. His vocal styling is so soulful, and I love the fact you can hear his Scottish accent. Just a voice, guitar and some strings, what a perfect way to start a record. Man, this boy can sing!!

“Always” introduces us to the full band and we slip into pure groove-driven indie rock, “Jaun Belmonte” keeps things moving and even has hand claps, I do love some good hand clasps… I can see it now, a packed venue, all hands in the air as the walls reverberate with the sound of hands coming together in unison. Then it’s the brilliant “All Your Friends” with it’s guitar plucking and walking bass intro. Then it grooves and trips, a la The Artic Monkeys “Brianstorm” but with a big punchy chorus. “Somebody Loves You” is gentler, sparser with a church organ intro and a slightly Caribbean feel. This track feels like summer and a beer garden with friends with a totally uplifting and infectious chorus; this has festival banger written all over it



The start of “Glasgow” makes you feel that it’s a slow and moody ballad, and then it kicks into life with a wall of electric guitars and driving drums. “No Place I’d Rather Go” and “Boardwalk” are slow and brooding which lets you fully appreciate all the nuances and texture in Jack Cochrane’s voice.

“Maybe California” leads us back into the groove-driven indie. “Don’t Forget it Punk” is a nice spikey bit of garage indie/rock, with a classy nod to bands like The Ramones. “Coffee and Cigarettes” incorporates the classic beats dance sound of tracks like “Praise You” by Fat Boy Slim. “Elephants” and “Sing for Your Supper” bring the record to an end with lashings of the same Indie cool that has permeated throughout this record from the beginning.

BUT wait there are 4 bonus tracks “Blur Beat”, “Baillie Street”, “Microwave” and “Waterbirds”… this record just keeps giving.



This record is confident, big, bombastic, and very cool, songs of love loss, heartache and happiness. Songs that build and drop, with texture and class, The Snuts have a way of incorporating a lot of musical styles into their writing, whilst always sounding like The Snuts. Jack Cochrane’s voice is something to behold; he is without doubt is one of the best singers I have heard in a long while. So if you like your bands to have Indie cool, melody, big choruses and soaring vocals then this is the record for you.







1. Top Deck
2. Always
3. Juan Belmonte
4. All Your Friends
5. Somebody Loves You
6. Glasgow
7. No Place I’d Rather Go
8. Boardwalk
9. Maybe California
10. Don’t Forget It (Punk)
11. Coffee & Cigarettes
12. Elephants
13. Sing For Your Supper