Rising garage punk trio Being Dead unveil new single ‘Last Living Buffalo’…




Being Dead

Unveils New Single ‘Last Living Buffalo’

Debut Album, When Horses Would Run, Out July 14th on Bayonet


Austin, Texas-based Trio Being Dead present new single/video, ‘Last Living Buffalo,’ from their forthcoming debut album, When Horses Would Run, out July 14th on Bayonet.

Being Dead is here to create worlds where we can soak in stories of carefree shoplifters, wayward cowboys, and — today — the final moments of a lonely Buffalo on the range. ‘Last Living Buffalo’ continues exploring the electric alchemy of Being Dead’s signature blend of surf rock, frantic punk, and freak pop. It is, in founding member Gumball‘s words, “about the universal human fear of being alone and/or being skinned alive.” Listen to ‘Last Living Buffalo’ HERE.

When Horses Would Run — the debut album from best friends Falcon B*tch, Gumball, and Ricky Moto — propels listeners into vivid landscapes: desert planes, dirty basements, and lush rolling hills.  They began writing what would eventually become When Horses Would Run back in 2017, with Falcon B*tch likening the album to a kind of collage of Being Dead so far. “This is definitely a collection of songs from different versions of ourselves,” she says. Recorded at Radio Milk with producer/engineer Jim Vollentine (Spoon, White Denim), When Horses Would Run spit-shines Being Dead’s sound without diminishing their weirdo-best-friend vibes. 



“Our music is really a slice of our friendship,” says Falcon B*tch. “We’ve lived together and we’re always together and I feel like it’s a palpable thing.” The nurturing foundation of these platonic soulmates urges Being Dead to be their full, freaky selves, prodding at the absurdity of the world with slick n’ dreamy strums, gritty percussion, and kaleidoscopic harmonies. At their renowned live shows, Falcon B*tch and Gumball both sing and swap duties on baritone guitar and drums, commanding the attention of even the most passive concert-goers. Underlined by bassist Ricky Moto, the band prances merrily into the hearts of everyone from the roughest and toughest barbarians to the most angelic little babies.

This spontaneous, gung-ho approach marks a refreshing originality in Being Dead. When Horses Would Run celebrates the nourishing merriment of friendship, the importance of enjoying the here and now, and creating simply for the hell of it. Here we have a reminder that we can not only move through the burdens of our past, but we can have company —and fun —while doing it.